Maggie Doucet

Maggie Doucet


Maggie Doucet is a promising young musician who's ethereal quality delivers soulful earthy vocals that will take you on a lyrical journey. Backed by a solid group, "The Secret Band" brings you a dynamic new sound that softly blends gypsy folk with a touch of rock and ambient.


Maggie has been playing solo acoustic gigs on the new york scene since 2005 until the rest of the band "The Secret Band" came together earlier this year. Hailing from Canada, Maggie moved to New York in 98' and only a few years ago realized her passion to make music. With endless inspiration from friends, family, love, experience, and the magic of the universe all of her songs are original and come genuinely from the heart and soul. Discovering the legend Jeff Buckley, left Maggie with an urgency to explore her love of music, and thus create something for the people...for that beyond barriers gives listeners something to feel, to relate to, induce a desire to dance, sing along, cry, laugh, reflect...and to think about things that can make a difference in this sometimes harsh world. Growing up listening to the likes of The Beatles, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Elvis, Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell among others has helped to evolve her diverse style. She is constantly evolving as a musician, further developing her unique sound while working on new songs for the next album. Because her sound is not genre specific, the music speaks to and can be appreciated by all kinds of fans. "The Secret Band" is guaranteed to leave you feeling moved and inspired if you get a chance to see them play live, Maggie Doucet and "The Secret Band" is a band not to be missed!!!


Sonnet 116

Written By: Maggie Doucet

On a boat in the moonlight

Stole away in the night

Made way with the memory of their fight

Love on the tide

It will rise as he cries

And the swell rips the tears form her eyes

Those are the eyes of a woman in love

Those are the eyes of a man in love

This is the star to every wandering bark

Through the tempest hear the winds beneath the flying lark

Listen for the lies of a man who’s been lost

Listen for the why’s of a woman who’s been crossed

In the shadows there’s a woman

And she’s waiting to be kissed

Those are the lips of the woman he has missed


Written By: Maggie Doucet

I can see the reflection of the stars on the misty waters

Water swaying like wind and wind calm as water

The air is a cooling reminder of the night

And the stars move slow

They sit high

As they compete

For the space

Space in the sky

And the lullaby that the milky way sings to my eyes, eyes

Is a dream that is here, it’s here with me

It’s a dream dream

That is here

It’s a dream dream

It’s a dream dream

It’s a dream dream

That is here

It’s here with me

It’s here to stay …

Sweet Damn

Written By: Maggie Doucet

Come together to make a better place they say

United we must stand but we’re divided and we are fallin’, we’re fallin’

Sometimes I feel helpless like there’s nothin I can do

I wish i could help everybody

But I haven’t a clue what to do

Yeah, I wish I could help everybody

But I haven’t a clue, I haven’t a clue what to do

And here they are with the power to make a better place

They just can’t seem to get their goddam priorities straight

Cause they’re too busy fighting a war that doesn’t need to be fought

And too busy to save the many fallin people who need to be caught

No they don’t give a sweet damn

They don’t give a sweet nothing

Who are they, where are they when you need them?

Where are they?

We are callin’, yeah we’re callin’

Cause we’re fallin’, we’re fallin

Nothing, nothing, nothing


Maggie Doucet's Debut album "FROM THE BOTTOM" will be released in September 2008. For sneak previews of a few songs visit

Set List

We typically like to play about a 45 minute set of all original songs. Our set list changes from show to show depending on our vibe and that of the audience..The last show of our residency at Piano's this past June we played 9 songs. First to last...Lost. Let Your Beautiful Soul. So Say You. Amazing. Sweet Damn. Six Feet From The River. Sonnet 116. Turn, and, One Day Wonder.