Maggie Drennon

Maggie Drennon


Celtic Soprano. Simply gorgeous voice that stuns people in the first moment. Founded and toured heavily with Ceili's Muse trad and SixMileBridge Celtic Rock. Super sensuous, pared down voice with violin and guitar. Meaningful songs. Deeply affects any audience.


Maggie Drennon is a premiere voice in Celtic singing, a long standing influence in modern folk music. She has toured Ireland with the renowned Furey Brothers, and is a noted collector and historian of Celtic songs. She was a member of Ceili's Muse traditional Celtic from 1989 to 1997. She then co-founded the Celtic rock band SixMileBridge in 1997, touring constantly and rocking festivals nationwide. With a performance that is meaningful yet lighthearted, she is deeply devoted to sharing these traditions with American audiences. Maggie blends Gaelic poetry, original songs, and a romantic style on violin. Most importantly she brings us the soaring voice that will inspire your heart!


15,000 Sold

2011 Returning, February release
2009 Just Now
2005 - 2009 (hiatus, brain injury)
2003 Maggie Drennon Self Titled
Recordings with SIXMILEBRIDGE Celtic Rock
2001 No Strangers Here
2000 Ornaments Christmas CD
1999 No Reason
1998 Unabridged Live
1997 Across The Water
Recordings with CEILI'S MUSE all female Trad Celtic
1995 The Dark Lady
1994 LIVE
1993 Circles of Stone
1991 One Voice

Set List

The Sound of Singing
Bright Blue Rose
Is fad' o Bhaile Daithneoin
Anachie Gordon
The Mosstrooper's Lament
The Queen of Argyll
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
Siuil a Ruin
You'll Never Be the Sun

The Witch of the Westmerelands
Roisin Dubh
Jacket Green
Cailin Ailin
Song of the Lower Classes
Broom of the Cowden Knowes
Galway Farmer
What You Do With What You've Got
Amhran na bFiann (Irish National Anthem)