Magical Bass (Th' Mole, DJ 0.000001, etc.)
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Magical Bass (Th' Mole, DJ 0.000001, etc.)

Nevada City, California, United States

Nevada City, California, United States
Band EDM Hip Hop




"Th' Mole: Undercover agent of sound"

Underground sensation Th' Mole has been bringing his far-out cornucopia of electronic music to audiences across the United States, Canada and Europe since the 90s. Dressed like a superhero of sound, he mashes up beats and samples from a laptop computer swung across his body like a guitar, all the while playfully waxing poetics on how being hip is about getting your family ties straight and treating people well in service jobs.

The creative genius behind Th' Mole is 31-year-old San Juan Ridge local Jonah Mociun. Growing up, Mociun was heavily influenced by Ween, Beck and the Beastie Boys, groups known for their early use of sampling in pushing the envelope of musical genres. By the age of 16, he was already experimenting with lo-fi multi-track recordings using simple tape decks.

“Hip-hop, with it's sampling of bass, was the first kind of music I really liked,” says Mociun. “With sampling it's so easy to get a little bit of everything into the music.”

Mociun, who claims not to be a tech geek, pulls most of his samples from online sound libraries and before some of you purists get into a huff, it's legal and a lot harder than you'd think.

“It's pretty intensive, the amount of time I'll put into one song. I'll find a sample online, and using pitching shifting, time stretching and chopping, make it my own,” he explains.

Mociun's hard work is beginning to pay off with audiences quickly catching on to his unique sound and persona. This spring before embarking on a three-month US and European tour that he booked himself, Th' Mole's new album, Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 (Daly City Records) hit #12 on CMJ college radio charts in its fifth week. The album also placed #4 on the esteemed WFMU radio station and the album's single "How 2 B Cool" remained #1 on the popular electronic music magazine XLR8R's "Top Rated MP3's" for nearly two weeks.

Th' Mole's music is only one-half of the appeal though. The other is an extravagant stage show that trumps even the theatrics and costumes of a pop star like Lady Ga Ga.

“I figure, if I'm going to be on stage, I might as well be as entertaining as possible,” says Mociun.

Th' Mole brings his insane show to the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, Tuesday July 7. Also performing is the infamous 80's punk siren and KVMR broadcaster Meri St. Mary and psychedelic folk rocker Aaron Ross.


Lemonade is cool and refreshing, usually sweet and a little bit tart. Jesse Locks is a freelance writer. You can reach her at - The Union

"Th’ Mole – How 2 B Cool + Remixes"

Th’ Mole has been busy getting remixes from his single “How 2 B Cool”. He has sent us 2 remixes, one from German producer Robot Koch (also part of Jahcoozi) as well as one from UK producer Ladyscraper.

The Ladyscraper remix, is pretty chill, very grimish. The Robot Koch remix is equally as good with a more industrial hip hop feel. Check them Out

Enjoy! - Boom Boom Chik

"Th' Mole - Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) vol.1 + booking call"

Doktor Krank's highly recommended release!

“Fuck the world! Jump motherfucker …”

Th’ Mole has been an active producer on the low-budget (or no-budget) music scene for years. Just check his bio at wiki
On 10th March 2009, Th’ Mole released his full-length album called The Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 in the Mochipet’s Daly City Records. Greatest Hits is not just an ordinary album, it’s got tones of bonus material, including a music video directed by Th' Mole's dad and nine extra songs including remixes by Mochipet, Robot Koch, DJ Amazing Clay, Bloody Snowman, and Preshish Moments. Very good remixes actually, word!

You should definitely check this release, even if you never heard about this guy. His music escapes easy pigeonholing as its creativity goes much much beyond one music genre or style, which is quite a painful thing for music journalists, but a real treat for any intelligent and open-minded music fans. Turbo wonky apocalyptic madness delivered by Th’ Mole with the help of his fantastic vocal cords in a goofy hip hop manner, built on glitch and free-style electronica will elevate your mood instantly! You will be surprised, your mood will swing like in kaleidoscope. But you will definitely love the man behind this entire bombastic nuke dropped unexpectedly on you. Writing about Th’mole music you just cannot escape being a bit bombastic in your selection of words, sorry I can’t do anything about this.

Th’ Mole takes you on a crunky psychedelic ride through crazy songs which sound as if written by musicians with ADHD and a vocalist who digested too many energy drinks and has problems with finding the right pitch to his voice. Yet, they deliver absolutely top-notch productions in an extremely funny and funky cocktail, putting e.g. a pretty spacious, progressive rock-like suite of Don’t be sad – nothing matters next to crunky cabaret/ wonky country bravado of Heart Phire. Other highlights of this record in my opinion are I hate you (in both versions) – a raw killing energy and fantastic vocal. Th’ Mole rambling about a bitch who (as I presume) left him, is very catchy, a potential hit without a doubt. Sonny Boy is another contagious little gem with great vocal. Whirled fusion is the future music is pure electronic free-style fantastically crowning this interesting release.


Download the album from Gigacrate, iTunes or Limewire.

Or order the CD directly from Th' Mole for $15-20 (sliding scale, postage included) (US/Canada) (Outside US/Canada $19 minimum) - Paypal at

Th’Mole is currently looking for promoters interested in booking his shows in Europe. Thus I’m calling all pimp and funky promoters in Europe and in particular in Poland – contact the man and invite him to a show, you will never regret this brave move. Check the dates on his myspace (if I remember correctly a possible gig in Poland could be organized around 16 – 23 May).

Then maybe we will have another representative of Daly City Records on a gig in Warsaw. The first one will be none other than Mochipet – a head of Daly City Records. He will play a live set in Obiekt Znaleziony in Warsaw on 17 April 2009!!!! The only show in this part of Europe! The official info with a flyer will be posted soon on my blog.

Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) vol. 1 tracklist:

01) Zombie Dance Mind Programme
02) How 2 B Cool
03) Jump Jack (featuring Warrior Queen)
04) Caitlin (Uh, Sorry)
05) I Hate You
06) Don't Be Sad, Nothing Matters
07) Heart Phire
08) People R Good
09) Sonny Boy
10) Secret Hidden Bonus Track
11) Whirled Fusion Is The Future Music

Bonus MP3 Track List:
01) Tick Tick Blam
02) How 2 B Cool (Robot Koch Remix)
03) Go Horsie (DJ Amazing Clay Remix) Part 1
04) Go Horsie (DJ Amazing Clay Remix) Part 2
05) Tick Tick Blam (Preshish Moments Remix)
06) Jump Jack (feat. Warrior Queen) (Mochipet Remix)
07) Tick Tick Blam (Bloody Snowman Remix)
08) Captain Daydream "Brush 'Em"
09) Tick Tick Blam (Instrumental)

Music Video:
A Meticulous Fondle (Original Long Version) (by Th' Mole's dad) - Doktor Krank

"TH’ MOLE I Love Unicorns"

Our friends from Chrome Kids treat us on this mad release: Th’ Mole‘s I Love Unicorns which is about the most weird over the top rap I’ve heard in a long time. I love unicorn because their super fuckin’ sick is this line I will never forget (or want to forget) The release is built by some amazing remixes. The Robot Koch is full with lazers and synth mayhem in a way only the Robot can kill it! The Flying Skulls remix has this acid rave feel with the bleeps and Roland roll. Shocky Guy Go is this Madam Butterfly going mental track with this pitched freaky rap duet we could expect in the times of Vanilla Ice going into overdrive. Mental or what!
Our dude Frietboer from Breda (Coco Bryce his hometown too!) goes breaks n rave with his remix with some echoes to 2Unlimited? MAD!
Th’ Mole must be from another planet! This is just part one of two maxi-singles, by the way there is also a printable Th’ Mole paper doll included in the download! Must have! - Lowriders Collective

"I Love Unicorns"

It's not often you get to write a post title like that.
Our chums from the other side of the ocean, Chromekids, have teamed up with Th' Mole and DJ 0.0000001 to release the new single "I Love Unicorns". It's one of the universal topics, a theme that has seduced writers and poets from Chaucer to Tolstoy, and here Th' Mole gives it another angle, ably abetted by some quallity remixes. The winner for me is the Robot Koch instrumental mix - those saccharine synths and sparkling FX lend it a childlike sense of wonder that somewhat befits the subject matter. Stream below: - Bass Music Blog

"How 2 B Cool Like Th' Mole"

Th’ Mole has been spinning his crazy web since around the 90's, jumping from the Bay Area to Hawaii to New Orleans and beyond.

This version of “HOW TO BE COOL” is a REMIX by German based ROBOT KOCH who has also worked with one of our favourite gal’s, ADDIQUIT who we featured on an earlier blog post this week.


"Magical Bass"

Daly City Records, Chrome Kids and Man Bites Blog, DJ 0.000001 (AKA Th’ Mole) presents Magical Bass, on Brooklyn Radio, where the hardest-hitting, most futuristic, most bass-blurpingest beats in the universe wrangle with psychedelically tweaked vocals and freaked-out alien synths”… nuff said! haha - Kitschworth

"Magical Bass w/ DJ 0.000001"

We slept on this one! If you haven’t heard this incredible podcast yet, then you did too! Our own Id Obelus was featured on this Episode #3.

These mixes are all fantastic! check’em all out here:

Learn more about DJ 0.000001 aka th’mole HERE and show him some love! - Audio Recon

"Magical Bass - Episode #10"

Magical Bass smacks us with a powerful episode, dedicated to the Occupy movement. - Chrome Kids


Pierre Johnson: If You Don't Like This You Have Bad Taste - 1994
The Johnson-Fife Symphony: Splendid Sleeping Conditions (with Saggis Fife) - 1995
Pierre Johnson: Music For Pizza Parties - 1995
The Brothers Johnson: The Christmas Album (with Don Johnson) - 1995
Pierre Johnson: Back To Attack - 1996
The Brothers Johnson: Heart Core (with Don Johnson) - 1996
The Poetry Master: The Poetry Master - 1999
Johnny Sunshine: The Odyssey of the Silkworm - 1999
Turbo Punx: Ch@os - 2000
Experimental Man: Give It A Try - 2000
The Mole: (Single) - 2000
The Mole: North San Juan - 2001
The Mole: Communion - 2002
The Mole: Beloved Retard Babies - 2003
Demune & The Mole: Attack of the Zombie King... - 2003
The Mole & Friends: Ho Ho Ho (with Demune, Platelunch & Tang Li Wheebs) - 2003
The Mole, Ancient Mith & Demune: Bloody Flags (maxi-single) - 2004
DJ 0.000001: If I Were Real... - 2004
The Mole & Terms None: This Is What Happens When My Thoughts Get Ahead Of Me (maxi-single) - 2004
Headley Grange: Hurt Fire EP (with Body Holliday) - 2004
The Mole: Whirlwind World - 2004
The Mole: Organopolis EP - 2005
Mattr. and Friends: Consequence of Thoughts (with Demune, Ancient Mith, and Terms None) - 2005
The Mole: Mutamigradaptation - 2006
The Mole: Mutamigradaptation LP (alternate tracks) - 2007
The Chukchee & The Mole: Why Not Try EP (with The Chukchee) - 2008
DJ 0.000001: Listen To My Futures - 2009
DJ 0.000001 featuring Th' Mole: Whirled Fusion - 2009
Th' Mole: Jump Jack (maxi-single, featuring Mochipet & Warrior Queen) - 2009
DJ 0.000001: Ooh Baby I Like It Hard (maxi-single)
Th' Mole: Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 - 2009
DJ 0.000001: We All Fall Down (maxi-single)
Th' Mole: How 2 B Cool (maxi-single, featuring Robot Koch & Ladyscraper) - 2009
DJ 0.000001: Racin' Music - 2009
DJ 0.000001: All Chipped Up - 2010
Th' Mole: Superman Vs. Gremlins - 2010
Th' Mole: I Love Unicorns (maxi-single, featuring Robot Koch & The Flying Skulls) - 2010
Th' Mole: Bucky Jojo - Original Film Score - 2011
Th' Mole: Beating A Dead Unicorn - I Love Unicorns Maxi-Single Pt. 2 - 2011
DJ 0.000001: Holy Fucking Shit (maxi-single) - 2011
DJ 0.000001: What The F* Do I Think I'm Doing? (maxi-single) - 2011
DJ 0.000001: Institutionalized (maxi-single) - 2011
Th' Mole: Do Not Be Afraid - 2011



[Wikipedia bio at ]

Nomadic composer/vocalist/bozo Th' Mole, AKA DJ 0.000001, makes undefinable music which is scientifically designed to make you happier, stronger, and more beautiful. With a live set combining colorful costumes, ridiculous dancing, confetti cannons, and sometimes a gorilla, Th' Mole will make you rejoice and dance your pants off.

Th' Mole's latest independent release, the "I Love Unicorns" maxi-single has been played on BBC1 radio and made its way around blogs all over the web. In the past year Th' Mole has also self-released an album, an EP, a short film, and another maxi-single, with many more planned releases on a variety of labels including Daly City, Chrome Kids, FreshYo!, Hectic, LowPro Lounge, and New Cocoon. In its fifth week, Th' Mole's 2009 release, Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1, supported by Daly City Records, peaked at #12 on the CMJ (College Music Journal) radio charts. Meanwhile the "How 2 B Cool" single remained #1 on XLR8R's "Top Rated MP3's" for over two months. November 2011 marks the release of Th' Mole's Do Not Be Afraid album, on Hectic Recs, featuring the hits "I Love Unicorns", "Go Horsie", and "Bouncy Ball".

Th' Mole also performs a separate act as DJ 0.000001. He has toured Europe six times, as well as Canada and many times throughout the US, and has shared stages with such notables as DJ Krush, Venetian Snares, Ghislain Poirier, Living Legends, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mark Mothersbaugh, Alias, Jason Forrest (DJ Donna Summer), Drop The Lime, K-The-I???, Broken Note, 6Blocc, Filastine, Curse Ov Dialect, The Chicharones, Orko, Mochipet, Food For Animals and more. With a stage show including wild theatrics, costumes and dancing, Th' Mole is a spectacle of sight and sound not to be missed! Meanwhile, DJ 0.000001 (one-millionth) has a vast array of releases on Daly City, Chrome Kids, Chickenhed, Doktor Krank, Circuitry Audio and Vaatican Records, as well as a highly acclaimed radio show, Magical Bass, hosted by Brooklyn Radio, Chrome Kids, Daly City Records and Man Bites Blog. On stage he is a bass-oozing one-man army of laptop man-handling, featuring video-game controllers and contagious energy.