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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Alternative Electronic


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Magic Bronson and Collaj (formerly 8th Grader) are two of my favorite live bands around. When they played a show together last month I wasn’t going to miss it. When they debuted this new jam together, live, on stage, before my eyes, I knew I had to have it. Both bands are known for their body moving, party starting, jams but this collaboration takes them into darker territory. Like a hushed invitation into a dark forest where mystical things are undulating in the shadows. You are a little scared as you venture forth but you also know your hosts and trust their intentions. And then you feel a tingling in your hands and blurring of your vision and wonder what this forrest is doing to you…

As you ponder, dive into this great remix of last year’s “Fences”. A live favorite shot into low orbit by MyKill. - The Burning Ear

Today's been awkwardly awful day; I could easily levitate on my own powers straight to the bed which I actually did. No intention to lash at the wrong conception but Magic Bronson hits this blog with latest offering, Levitate, featuring Collaj, or fka 8th Grader. This single stuns by all levels of mystics mashed up with ponderous rock undertone and darkened occult pop which I believe isn't meant to anathematize us. - Click And Listen It

Magic Bronson is addictive. The L.A. duo’s full-length debut “Wildlife” rumbles and hums in the secondhand-smoke-filled netherworld of indie-rock, hip-hop and electro-pop, and its biggest calling cards are the crooning verses and choruses of the very tall Michael Nicastro and big bass lines of … well, less tall Matthew Lieberman. The three singles the duo have released, “Shivers,” “Golden” and most recently “Fences” all have their merits, but “Wildlife” is deep in propulsive rockers (“Go Get It”) and weird surprises (“All Night Dog Fight”), big and small. Here, before its release, is the full album. - Buzz Bands LA

Californian indi-alt-electronic duo hit all the right notes in a sensationally confident debut.

Once in a while, an earnest publicity machine will send their hyperbole into the wild winds of the internet, and as if through a kind of osmosis, the pre-cast superlatives will pay off. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s worth it. Magic Bronson, an alternative/ electronic duo (Michael Nicastro, Matthew Lieberman) from Los Angeles are a giddy good find – an act of refined, accomplished electronic noise that’s as musically engrossing as it is propulsive and rhythmic. Their album Wildlife is an outstanding find. It’s revelatory.

The influences within the piece can be heard fairly clearly; perhaps not influences per se but associated genre-mates, sipping from the same well: there’s doses of MGMT in here, as well as a hint of Broken Bells (and anyone who wants to keep up with Joneses like Danger Mouse and James Mercer is all right in my book). Descriptors for their particular brand of noise pour out like abstract, ambient, dance, trance…

‘Clouds’ reminds immediately of Bloc Party (again, a very good thing), and if the record has a mainstream entry, that’d be it. ‘Fences’ is purposeful and fleshed out, wavering between its cutesy verse poetry, (its four-bar intro is playfully reminiscent of a Yamaha home organ) blending seamlessly into its energetic choruses. The song seems tailor-fit for an indi outfit like this; getting it done in a competitive world, bringing the lessons learnt from earnest parents telling them, "Good enough just doesn’t make it/ kid you gotta take it into your own hands/ Oh my God, it’s making sense/ We’re all this time hanging ’round/ Sitting on the fences." There’s a tonal shift in ‘Golden’, which then curves into a new reggae-like twist with ‘Let Us Grow’. The single ‘All Night Dog Fight’ takes is sonic cues from Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’, except without the misplaced arrogance and lyrical boners (‘300 like Romans,’ huh, Kanye?), and demands repeat listening. Album closer ‘Play Your Part’ shows a couple of talented kids looking to the horizon and aiming for the stars.

One of the real achievements of the piece is, oddly enough, track selection. The album is a hybrid of influences and genre mixes, yet it doesn’t get bogged down in specific style of tone. It shifts from various energetic points and tones, but each track flows and is stitched together nicely when it could have been harsh and jarring. I’m old school: the proper flow of track selection is important to me.

While it’s hard to ascertain whether Magic Bronson have been given any press in this corner of the world (there’s lots of press to be had, and I can’t seem to nail any down), it was a first for me, and I have to say it’s a thrill to be singing their praises. I’m genuinely excited by this act. There’s infinite promise here, and within the realm of dance and electronica records, Wildlife is a high watermark.

Ladies and gentlemen: Magic Bronson. They’re great. Enjoy. - The Lesser Column

YMR Watchlist band Magic Bronson have sprinkled some moon dust here with this three track remix EP. The MyKill remix of ‘Fences’ is the standout amongst a high pedigree of mixes on this one.

The remix bundle also features the Selector Science remixes of ‘All Night Dog Fight’ and “Go Get It’. Watch out for their new single soon. In the meantime, get your remix fix below. - Your Music Radar

Magic Bronson’s music, image and words work because they are irreverent and self-aware. Their debut album Wildlife, out this fall through War Cry, will definitely expand on their warm, loving perspective of life and its puzzling highs and lows. We’ve already heard the moody, electronically current “Golden” and the idiosyncratic groove of “Shivers”, and now the west coast group has shared “Fences”. Michael Nicastro’s deep and suave croon is still just as pleasant to hear, but the group transforms their signature mood into something sentimental and solemn on this new track. You can almost imagine “Fences” as the manifestation of morning-after doubt and naked consciousness following the debauchery of “Shivers”—the song rapidly descends into a sea of responsibility and reminds us that we’re all accountable for something.

Nicastro turns on the lights and pops the balloons from the night before as he recognizes those who support and care for him: “They make these sacrifices just to get us through the night/I look up to my mother and a tear comes to her eye/but she will be alright”. Through the candor of lyrics like these, Magic Bronson translates their self-awareness in good times to sobering moments of individuation and young adulthood. “Fences” becomes a metaphor for the struggle to feel in control and comfortable with both the burden of independence and the act of relinquishing modern anxieties in order to have fun. It’s a juggling act, but a normal part of everyday life, and Magic Bronson captures the paradox beautifully in “Fences”.

Listen to the new single above, and get excited for Wildlife, out this year on War Cry Records. - New Dust

For fans of Aer, Twenty One Pilots, and Gorillaz, Magic Bronson is pretty much a no-brainer. These guys are solidifying their place in the music industry with their debut full-length album Wildlife, which they recorded and produced themselves in what has been called their “seedy lab/hideout located somewhere in Los Angeles.”

The duo from Los Angeles is composed of six-foot-six Michael Nicastro (vocals, synth, percussion) and Matthew Lieberman (bass, synth). Drawing from influences such as Velvet Underground, Modest Mouse, and The Rapture, their sound is sure to be unique. It fills that gap between electronic, alternative, and hip-hop music.

Some tracks to look out for are Clouds, Fences, and Go Get It.

The first song off the album, “Clouds”, starts off at a moderate pace, and doesn’t do anything too crazy off the bat. Nicastro and Lieberman slowly introduce the listener to their sound, and build up the different elements of the song gradually until about a minute in. Basically, “Clouds” can give you a taste of what Magic Bronson has to offer. If you like what you hear, then you’ll love the rest of the album. It really is just the tip of the iceberg.

Be prepared to have the chorus of “Fences”, the second track off the album, stuck in your head for about two weeks after you listen to it. Not only is it a catchy tune, but you’re gonna want to put it on repeat for a while. Nicastro’s rap-singing is reminiscent of warm summer afternoons, which these guys capture perfectly in their new music video (Highly recommended! Check it out.).

“Go Get It” is a must for any pump-up playlist. It’s fun, but it also has heavy bass and percussive elements. These guys know exactly when they can drop to a quiet section, and they build back up with equal intensity.

For a debut full-length album, Wildlife sets the bar insanely high. If Magic Bronsons isn’t already on your radar, they need to be. In a music scene dominated by electronic-pop, these guys offer a refreshing new sound that isn’t too far out of left field.

P.S. – I think it’s impossible not to blast this music. You might want to warn your neighbors. - WLOY Loyola Radio

The bass-propelled synth-pop of Los Angeles duo Magic Bronson exists somewhere between stoner backyard party jam and hip-hop rave-up. It’s as stupefyingly uncategorizable as it is intoxicating – bassist Matthew Lieberman laying down big grooves for 6-foot-6 singer Michael Nicastro’s vocals, which range from slacker-cool to bravado-soaked, while synth textures and reverb create a sort of audio fog machine. With an EP (last May’s “Nor’easter”) and a couple of singles to show for their two years tooling around the L.A. underground, Magic Bronson have allied with a host of contributors to finish a full-length. “Wildlife” will be out Nov. 4 on War Cry Records, and if “Golden” and “Shivers” did get your attention earlier this year (they should’ve), you can try straddling “Fences.” - Buzz Bands LA

Magic Bronson may not have coined that famous phrase about neighbors and fences, but the tone in their most recent single seems to match it. All things considered, “Fences” by Magic Bronson is a tribute to the duo’s parents, and a catchy one at that. But there is still an aspect of the track that feels tongue in cheek, which seems to both thank the most important people in their lives while also acknowledging just how hard it is to follow your dreams. “Good enough just doesn’t make it, kid you gotta take it into your own hands,” cries frontman Michael Nicastro. Brutal advice, but if you’re going to seriously pursue your passion, you need to hear it. And the only people who love you enough to tell you are good ol’ Mom and Dad. - Music Court Blog

L.A.-based duo Magic Bronson have been creating quite a buzz with their barbed, deceptively catchy brand of electronic rock. Last year the duo played the CMJ Music Marathon, while their last release, the Nor’Easter EP, spent five weeks on the CMJ Top 200 charts. Now the band has released “Fences,” the first offering from their upcoming album Wildlife.

Employing a soft-loud dynamic, the track begins with pared down drums and subtle synths anchored by a warm, sliding bass line. The song builds and builds until it opens up into the kind of towering chorus pop anthems are made of. Meanwhile Michael Nicastro’s emotive, understated vocals invoke the ghosts of new wave heroes past.

Wildlife, which comes out November 4, promises more idiosyncratic pop nuggets, like the spacey synth jam “Black Locust,” or swaggering stomper of “All Night Dog Fight.” Listen to “Fences” HERE, and tsake look at a few of the band’s upcoming live dates below. - The Truth About Music

As nor’easters go, this one’s pretty tame. It doesn’t whip up gale-force gusts or pelt you with rain.

It will, however, flood your ears with a storm of buzzy bass, bubbling synths, plinking toy pianos and dreamy, effects-laden vocals.

This “Nor’easter” actually built up on the West Coast. It’s the debut EP from Magic Bronson, an alternative/electronic duo featuring music producers Michael Nicastro of Thousand Oaks and Matt Lieberman of Agoura Hills.

The EP, released by Los Angeles’ Woodlake Records, has garnered positive attention nationally, reaching No. 112 on CMJ’s Radio 200 chart. The disc features six tracks — “Rider, Rider,” “What I Did,” “Bubble Games,” “Not Watching,” “Werewolf” and the title song — and was coproduced by Nicastro, Lieberman and Tim Hilliard at studios in Van Nuys and Reseda.

Nicastro handles percussion and vocals and Lieberman holds down the bottom on bass; they both play synths. They’ve been recording together for the past two years. Early last month they started work on “brand new material for a release in 2014.”

Physical copies of “Nor’easter” are available on The EP can be downloaded at iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. For more information on the duo, visit

Mark Wyckoff, Ventura County Star

- Ventura County Star

MAGIC BRONSON Hailing from the City of Angels, Magic Bronson is a producer duo whose “California-in-the-summertime” dance beats recently landed them a contract with the digital label Woodlake Records. Matthew Lieberman and Michael Nicastro first met in 2009, after each had played in various bands throughout the L.A. scene, and decided it was time for something new. Without relying too heavily on the bass, Magic Bronson creates fun pop music that floats through the room leaving shaking hips and smiling lips. Streetlight Records, 5pm. - Santa Cruz Weekly

They’ve only been recording music together for two years, but electronic/alternative duo Magic Bronson already has a technically proficient and irresistible sound. Made up of producers Michael Nicastro and Matthew Lieberman, the Los Angeles-based group’s influences—from Kid Cudi to STRFKR—shine through on its debut six-track EP, Nor’Easter, released in May. The EP is chock-full of dance-ready tracks—highlights include the title track and “Rider Rider,” which show off Lieberman’s live bass chops, multiple synths, programmed drums, and Nicastro’s distinctive, effect-heavy vocals. Fresh off a performance at this year’s SXSW, you can bet Magic Bronson will be raring to go come July 20, when it’s scheduled to play two sets, one at the Catalyst Main Stage and another at Streetlight Records. - Good Times Weekly

Last night Magic Bronson rocked the rooftop of LA Style House at an exclusive “City of Angels” event sponsered by Monster and UV Vodka. The night started off with a couple of Djs, a couple of art exhibits and a beautiful view of the sun setting over Los Angeles’ cityscape.

But Magic Bronson stole the show with their distinct vocals, music and performance. At first I was sure that it was going to be a small feat to perform on the rooftop with so many people milling about. Instead, they treated us to an intimate performance that had the crowd dancing (some people in slo-mo which was pretty awesome to watch). They took the Dj’s set up and hooked up a guitar and mic and ran a background track.

Only, their performance was so well-tuned that I did not even know there was abackground track until I walked up to get a couple of pictures and noticed there was no drummer and just two musicians rocking out in the crowd of people. It was exquisite.

Magic Bronson’s voice is similar to The Killers but at the same time very different. The whole night I tried to place who they sounded like and could only come up with this. Maybe I’d heard a small band before that had a similar voice but nothing that stuck. The music took over and my brain shut off as I swayed to the music.

The have a 7 song EP out now and perform around Los Angeles quite often. It was my first time seeing them but definitely won’t be my last. - Hollywood Music Magazine


Levitate (Single) - 2015

Wildlife Remix EP - 2015

Wildlife - 2014

Fences (Single) - 2014

Shivers (Single) - 2014

Golden (Single) - 2014

Nor'easter EP - 2013

Rider Rider (Single) - 2013



Drawing on a large cache of influences and genres that vary from the pounding kick drum of hip hop to the fuzzed-out bass of punk rock, Magic Bronson bridges the gap with a fresh sound. Between Matthew Lieberman’s live bass and Michael Nicastro’s expressive, raspy, and sexy voice, Magic Bronson creates a sound that stands out amongst today’s garden variety dance and electronic music.

Frontman Michael Nicastro is a commanding presence at 6' 6”; with long hair whipping across his face, Nicastro is constantly in motion with his unwavering energy fueling the audience’s frenzy. You’ll find Nicastro banging an electronic drum kit, looping effects, and singing his heart out through an array of reverb, delay, and echo.

No slouch himself, Lieberman holds down a steady pulse and beat while jumping, twisting, and flailing about. You know it’s been a successful show when Lieberman is drenched in sweat and grinning from ear to ear.

Lieberman and Nicastro write all their own music; recording and producing it at their clandestine and, truth be told, borderline-seedy lab/hideout located somewhere in Los Angeles. Following the release of their Nor'easter EP in May 2013 (which spent five weeks on the CMJ Top 200 charts and landed the band a showcase at the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon) the duo set their sights on making a full-length record.  Armed with enough demo material for a double album, they left the noise, and the smog, and the traffic of LA behind, and headed up to a small town in Northern California. For two weeks they holed up in a vintage studio two miles in the woods, surrounded by towering Redwoods and Firs. There, they turned their demos into the ten tracks that make up their debut full-length record, aptly named "Wildlife,” released Nov 4th 2014 via War Cry Records. “Wildlife” was named the 14th best LA record of 2014 by BuzzbandsLA and stayed on the CMJ Top 200 for 7 weeks, peaking at #57. "Wildlife" has been steadily placing songs in TV and Film with tracks recently airing in the shows "Graceland," and "You're The Worst" and being used on the MLB Network and Starz. Magic Bronson is set to release a new 4 song EP on 4/8/16.

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