Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

WORLD MUSIC FROM THE AMERICAS - Ethno-Funk, Ethio-Jazz, Afro-Beat, North African-Middle-Eastern-Jazz


Hypnotizing, intoxicating and exotic. Magic Carpet honors ancient music while taking a bold step into the future. Transcending geographical boundaries, this music group takes the audience on an exhilarating ride through time and space. With the vibrations of Jazz, Reggae, and Funk, blended with the traditions of Africa, the Middle East, and India, Magic Carpet embarks on a spiritual journey every time they take off. The eclectic ensemble is composed of percussion, saxophone, keyboards, bass, guitar, and drum set. The diversity of the musicians creates the unique sound that is Magic Carpet. Each instrumentalist is focused on cultivating excellence in his particular area of study and experience. This is the contribution that he brings to the "Carpet", while maintaining an openness to learn and share new ideas, which enables the evolution of this World Music that is the "Magic",
Magic Carpet is committed to advancing the realm of Musical Anthropology. The members are not only musicians, but teachers that regularly engage in excavating the history of music and the connection between ancient cultures. A goal of the group is to promote the similarities of people through the context of music. Energetically exploring traditional rhythms, North African and Middle Eastern maqams, East African pentatonic scales, Indian ragas, and Western Jazz modes and improvisation, they use these elements as threads to weave the tapestry of Magic Carpet.
Collectively, members in the band have performed and recorded with accomplished artists such as Najib Bahri, Alvin Batiste, Morris Jennings, Howard Levy, Alberto Mizrahi, Dewey Redman, Hamid Drake, Issa Boulos, Stuart Rosenberg, Boys II Men, Fred Anderson, Steel Pulse, Ludacris, Talib Kweli, Burning Spear, Israel Vibration, Nicole Mitchell, Ato Alemayehu Fanta, Ato Teferra Mekonnen, and many more.
Magic Carpet independently released their debut album, "In Flight", in the fall of 2007. This album documents their five years of regular Friday night performances at the popular Ethiopian restaurant in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood, Ras Dashen. They have performed at various music and art festivals over the years. They are currently working on collaborations with dancers of Indian, Tunisian, Egyptian, and Ethiopian traditions to further the Magic Carpet experience.
Enjoy traveling the crossroads of culture with Magic Carpet today!!


Magic Carpet- In Flight
Magic Carpet Live @ Ras Dashen
Magic Carpet- The Basement Sessions

Set List

We play music from all parts of the World
with emphasis on~North and East-Africa, ~Middle-East, Mediterranean~American

Our musical material are the folks musics of all the cultures of the world very cleverly blended and crafted with classical and traditional folk music of the Americas.

Some of our selections include:
Sif Saffa: Egyptian/Nubian
Mowashah: Andulusian
Al Andulus: Morrocan Spanish inspired,
Sudalia: Sudanese/Somalian,
Il-'Hilwa di: Egyptian,
Allamuni: Lebanese,
Va'amartem: Yemanite/Isreal,
Funky Mulatu: Ethioipian,
Adere: Ethiopian,
Sheeba: Ethiopian
Excursions: Chicago-Grit
Rhumba Gnawa: Inspired by Gnawa meets Rhumba Clave