Magic Celebration Factory

Magic Celebration Factory

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

MCF is group of freak individuals with a strong passion for music. There vivid imaginations contribute to the intermingling of chaotic poetry and sonic grooves. Their connection to the blues, their love to rock hard, and their passion for the "unusual" create a unique sound that is all their own.


MCF is "a troupe of freakish, adventurous, deliquent and wild young people, who prowl in the night, shouting in the storm, singing, dancing, and ceasingly playing tricks on the sages and gods...(these Vagabonds) mock the rules of ethics and social order. They personify the joy of living, courage, and imagination...they live in harmony with nature and oppose the destructive ambitions of the "city" and the decietful moralism, which both hides and expresses it...They personify everything which is feared by and displeases bourgeois society, and which is contrary to the good morale of the well-policed city and its palliative concepts." -Alain Danielou on the followers of Shiva and Dionysus (i think it fits MCF quite well).

How these freaks came to be: The Rev. (Daryn) and Juan (John) began playing together in their hometown of Marshfield, WI in 2002. Somewhere along the line Officer Friendly joined the band. The three members ended up in Minneapolis for their university education. After a few drummers (Nathan Bell being the only permanent one, who lived three hours away), The Rev. opened his car door into Tony in July of 2006. After flying off his bike, and scraping the hell out of his arm and chest, Juan (being the master of awesomeness he is) proceeded to get Tony some water, bandages, and medicine. At this point The Rev. began talking to Tony about their band. Tony finding out they were looking for a drummer, mentioned he played. They jammed and liked playing together, so Tony became the official drummer for the then mostly Reggae band "Leo-Centric." After a year of progressing and experimenting with other forms of music the band decided it was best to have a more "universal" name (something that said Rock n' Roll, Blues, Bluegrass, and Reggae); thus, "Magic Celebration Factory" was born. We hope you enjoy!


We are in the middle of recording now, so expect new songs and a CD very soon!!

Set List

Voodoo Lady
Flower Child
Sugar Crack
Ober Skobee
I Need Some Lovin
Beauty and Chaos
Can't Always get what you want
Fire on the Mountain
Space Oddity
This Must be the Place