Brendan Taaffe

Brendan Taaffe


Driving Irish tunes on fiddle, accordion, guitar and percussion.


Playing together first in New York City in January, 2007, Magic Foot is one of the rising young bands in New England’s rich traditional music scene. With Colin Lindsay on fiddle and concertina, Christian Stevens on button accordion, Brendan Taaffe on guitar and vocals, and Stefan Amidon on percussion and mandolin, Magic Foot plays Irish music marked by the tight interplay of fiddle and accordion, lush guitar, trap set—unusual for Irish music—and harmony vocals. A top-flight contra dance band, Magic Foot is also compelling in concert.

The band brings together a wealth of individual talent—Colin is a Mid-Atlantic champion on both fiddle and concertina; Christian one of the top box players in the country; Brendan a singer and teaching artist in addition to his driving guitar; and Stefan recently appeared on NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion with The Sweetback Sisters—but it is their chemistry that creates something notable. Rooted in tradition but looking towards the future, Magic Foot plays Irish music with great rhythm and strong emotion.

“Très incroyable! J’adore ta musique, tout le temps.”

"Colin, Chris, Stefan, and Brendan have created exquisite art with this album. Their tasteful, soulful music lifted my heart the first time I had the pleasure of listening to it. My heartfelt congratulations go out to these fine musicians on a brilliant album." - Brian Conway


Magic Foot E.P.—2008
Stomping Ground—2009

Set List

A typical concert set consists of two 45 minute sets. Each set consists primarily of traditional Irish dance music, with 2-3 vocal numbers (also traditional repertoire) per set.