Magic Milk

Magic Milk

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

"If you don't remember what you did last night, but wake up with half of your hearing, strange women's phone numbers, and confetti stuck in your hair, you know you've been at a Magic Milk show. For people who like a little fun in their rock and roll." - Gonzo Chicago


Songs for your brain to like, drums for your feet to dance, bass for your ass to shake, guitar for the boys to talk about, and VOX's for the Foxes, Magic Milk will make you belive in fucking EVERYTHING.
Magic Milk is totally a band. It makes "knife-fight party music." This band lives in Chicago. It was created by thee ultimate kenny. Of all the kennies, he is the ultimate. kenny likes The Rolling Stones song "She said yeah." He also likes "If you and I could be as two" by THEM.
Magic Milk usually plays with 4 people nowadays, so it's entirely possible that they get as loud as T-Rex, they also throw confetti.


"Luke: Tokyo Drifter" 2 songs March 2011
"Magic Milk" EP June 2010

Set List

1. Bass Drum
2. Snare
3. Drum overhead
4. Guitar Amp
5. Bass Amp
6. Vox/vox amp

1. Lead vox plays harmonica on at least 1 song
2. Tons of reverb on vox unless band has it under control
3. Guitar amp is loud, please turn down mic if issue