Magic Places

Magic Places

 Savannah, Georgia, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

Magic Places is an experimental electrical apparatus arranged and sometimes controlled by P.M. Goerner and a collection of intrepid collaborators, most of which are flashing red buttons. If you like old movies and strange, dark sounds, Magic Places is sure to take you away!


Magic Places is the longtime solo project of Savannah student and author PM Goerner, and represents a sort of dark futurist psychedelia, pulling from a widely disparate collection of influences like psych, space, new age, new wave, post-punk, the Baroque, modern classical, electronica/techno, hip-hop, IDM, post-rock, black/doom/sludge metal, jazz, kraut, kosmiche, ambient, noise, drone, dub, etc., to create a moody, lo-fi modern synthesis of strange and mystical imagery. Magic Places' songs are like soundtracks to lost films about imaginary cultures, incorporating techniques from every era of recording technology to evoke a timeless sense of magic and mystery.


"Nitelab Lockbox," limited-edition cassette on Charleston, SC's Mirror Universe Tapes

A Selection of Fine Victorian Wallpapers EP (free on Bandcamp)

2071 EP (free on Bandcamp)

Melodram EP (free on Bandcamp)

"Ruins," compilation-only track from Magic Places recent "Dark Tropic" recording sessions, available to stream on Bandcamp.

The first half of 2012 will see the release of two LPs. The first is a long-in-the-works original soundtrack to an original short story of the same name, called "The Time-Traveler's Pocket Guidebook." The other, "Dark Tropic," is a more proper LP representing Magic Places' newest compositions. Both records are in the final stages of production.