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"The First Temptation"

Guitar virtuoso Magic Red has more chops than CA Meats - which, by the way, is just down Taylor Drive from The Vat where the rock/blues star will be playing Aug. 30 - Sept. 1.

The CD that kicked off his tour (he's due in Rocky Mountain House, at Bozzy's Bar & Billiards, Sept. 12) plays like a menu of blues guitar style.

This guy can do it all, he doesn't mind showing off, but he clearly prefers just blowing you away.

His concerts are as much for show as for sound. In fact, Magic Red claims to be the only blues performer who inclues pyrotechnics in his act. How he'll get all that into a room as small as the Vat's could be worth the admission price, on it's own.

Red can play it slow and sweet, or hard and fast. He's been compared to the top legends of blues guitar, and can move from Albert Collins to Eddie Van Halen, without pausing for a breath.

And it's all on one CD.

Come down to The Vat, or head off to Rocky to hear this guy.

Or look for the CD. Ours came in a plain black wrapper, so you may have to order your own copy. Try their site:

For blues fans, and people who like to marvel at guitar genius, this is worth a look.

-Greg Neiman - Red Deer Advocate, Alberta, Canada

"On Stage - Lafayette Tap Room"

In a world filled with very talented musicians, there are a rare few that stand apart from the rest. For an artist to truly tell their story through music, technical prowess is not enough. The real story is in the soul and conviction of which one tells it with. There are a very few that can deliver this complete package. Combining guitar virtuosity, and seamless melodies with roots that run deep into the blues is not an easy task. Although one would think otherwise, after hearing the latest Magic Red release, "Clarity."

With the release of his fourth CD, and second all instrumental effort, we see a guitarist truly coming into his own. Blurring the lines between his very diverse influence seems to be a natural progression for Magic Red. There are the singing melodies reminiscent of the instrumental masters Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, but the grit of the guitarist who has spent countless nights in smoky roadhouses. This is a musician who can burn with the best, but still sizzle and groove. What makes Red a must listen is the level of emotion that is found within his playing, as well as a fifth gear that is rarely found in the blues.

The critics, industry, and fans agree. This is a very fresh approach to instrumental music. The new CD, "Clarity", is loaded with big melodies, talking guitar, and bursts of virtuosity. The guitars are layered and beautiful. Red weaves effortlessly through his compositions, taking the listener through every turn with him. Magic Red's music is truly guitar music for the soul.
- Night-Life Magazine

"What's Hot - Magic Red & The Voodoo Tribe"

Magic Red has been called "One of the finest guitarists I've heard in a long time" by recording artists Popa Chubby, and has been likened to guitar heroes like Winter and Vaughan. He honed his craft for more than a decade, as a sideman in Blues-Rock cover bands like the Kim Brewer Project, and New Jersey's Triple Threat. Even early on local media noticed his talent. Red steadily worked to develop his own syle merging a variety of sounds and techniques from the Blues and Rock genres. Red, who spent some time watching and talking with a Soul-Blues showman extraordinarire, Bobby Rush, as well as, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, already realized the importance of presentation. He was offered a coveted guitarist slot with Blues Who's Who legends like Charlie Sayles and Big Jack Johnson, but declined in order to form his own project. WIth an obsession for the Crossroads legend and a "Screaming Jay Hawkins" sense of theatre he immersed himself in guitar and mysticism. Red's sound and vision is cutting edge Blues-Rock. A fusion of styles that move from Albert Collins to Eddie Van Halen, and a stage show that is as pyrotechnic as his playing. Transfusing tradition with new blood and fire! He has astounded audiences with his skills as both a guitarist and showman. At the Summer's Baltimore International Festival, Red wooed the crowds pulling from his seemingly endless bag of chops while enveloped in a wall of smoke and fire. The following day others acts were bumped from their time slots in order to accomodate an encore performance at the promoter's insistence.

Red and his band the Voodoo Tribe are currently playing dates throughout the North East and Mid Atlantic and are preparing material for an upcoming release.
- Night-Life Magazine

"Magic Red & Voodoo Tribe hosts April FREE Jam"

April brings the monthly KCBS FREE jam to Blayney's on Thursday, April 14. Dick Schulte is bringing in Magic Red & the Voodoo Tribe from the New York City area.

Red and the Tribe are trio finding where the blues, rock and roll and serious guitar chops can take you. Red, in his mid 30s, has been casting his spell with Voodoo Tribe for more than six years and has three CDs out: 1999's The First Temptation, Fire and Soul in 2002 and 87 Humboldt Street in 2003 (all instrumental).

As you read reviews of Red's performances, either live or on CD, you find several themes recurring.

No. 1 is Red's powerful, intense, technically amazing guitar work. No. 2 is the quality of his original material, and his unique version of covers. No. 3 is his desire to make live shows reach out and grab you.

His playing and singing express an inner intensity.

Red wants to make sure you remember the night and works hard to make it happen.

His influences include Hendrix and Stevie Ray and classic blues stringers. As a guitarist striving to experience the full range his instrument is capable of, he is also influenced by Satriani and Van Halen.

For those of you who find those names and blues incompatible, remember that those with red hair are often stereotyped as emotionally volatile, and Red is looking for the blend of styles that is as volatile as he is. He is fully capable of making his guitar cry and moan the blues- whatever the song and the night call for.

Red and the band are indeed road warriors, performing nearly every weekend around the East Coast, with jaunts to Florida, Canada and even the Midwest. In addition to the KCBS gig, they will also play at Blayney's the next night, Friday, April 15. They then move to St. Joseph and the First Ward House on the 16th and Checkers in Cedar Rapids on the 17th.

So catch 'em while you can. Dick would like to bring them back on a regular rotation every couple of months.

Red and the Tribe have a Web site,, where you'll be able to check the calendar, buy the CDs and merchandise, read reviews, leave comments, listen to clips from 87 Humboldt Street and read the glowing quotes from some well-known musicians such as Popa Chubby: "One of the finest guitarists I've heard in a long time".

It's April, so use that spring fever energy to get yourself down to Blayney's for a red-hot time. Musicians, bring your stuff because Red likes to jam.

-Paul "Dr. Bone" Scofield
- Kansas City Blues News

"Magic Red & The Voodoo Tribe - The First Temptation"

Blues/rock guitarist Magic Red lives near New York City, USA. This carrot-topped performer and his band in a twelve month period have played more than 150 shows. Magic Red is probably the only person who does a pyrotechnic blues show. Being a KISS fan as a youngster probably explains it. All up "The First Temptation" is full of hard-hitting blues. Tight rhythm, strong husky vocals and of course cutting edge guitar work make Magic Red & The Voodoo Tribe hard to resist.

The self-produced debut release "The First Temptation" was recorded at Sound Master Studios in Blairstown, New Jersey. The musicians are Magic Red (guitars), Patrick Vining (vocals), Kevin Bruchert (keyboards), Les Toth (drums) and bassists Gary Gorney and Phil Creatura. Magic Red penned all of the songs. The CD kicks off with the hotter than hot "Sister Mary's Boogie" and the dust doesn't settle until the end of the closing track "For Those Before Me". Other tunes include "Love Me Tonite", "The Devil Lives In My Amplifier", "Low Rent Blues" and "Looking Down On The World."

-John Bates - Blues Association of South East Queensland (BASEQ), Australia

"Over The Weekend - Magic Red"

Magic Red, a blues guitarist from the New York City area, has devised an unusual way to stand out among the rest: "I'm 99 percent sure that I'm the only guy in the country doing a pyrotechnic blues show," he said before a performance Friday in The Blues Room.

With a smoke machine, strobe light and fire bursts, the carrot-topped performer was an unpredictable time-bomb. But the extras weren't necessary. Heavily influences by '80s rock guitarists, Red used enough six-string gimmicks to keep his performance miles above the norm. From teeth-picking to fret-tapping, he revealed his frenzied prowess. For the rock enthusiast, it was heaven on earth. For the traditional blues fan?

"A lot of people wouldn't think this was the blues, if they think B.B. King is what the blues are," Red said. "Some people love my show and some hate it; that's the price you pay for walking the edge."

Performing songs from an upcoming release as well as rearranged standards, Red became the epitome of the modern-day blues player. His rock influences were obvious. "Hoochie Koochie Man" was as showy as Jimi Hendrix, "Rock Me Baby" was as bold as Alvin Lee and "Low Rent Blues" walked the ZZ Top line.

Although he realizes his devotion to rock's greatest may offend blues buffs, he just can't help himself. "I don't want anyone to think I'm spitting on the graves of the traditional blues players. I have total respect for those guys," he said. "But I grew up listening to rock. For me to ignore Van Halen, you just can't ignore that."

True to his word, "Sky is Crying" was "completely different." Forget Stevie Ray Vaughan and Elmore James, this version - which, despite its extended length, seemed to end too soon - was unique from anything heard of before.

Highlighting the tunes was drummer Les Toth, who drove a syncopated beat against Red's solos, and bassist-singer E.J. "Moose" Boles. A brief resident of Buffalo during the '70s, Boles said he spent five years playing with Lou Reed and has jammed with such notables as Gregg Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Belushi and David Bowie.

-Michele Ramstette
- The Buffalo News

"Magic Red and the Voodoo Tribe - The First Temptation"

Magic Red and the Voodoo Tribe. Never has a band's name more accurately captured the essence of their spirit. With heavy, prominently out front guitar rhythm and leads... a guitar tone that's as wicked all getout... deep, coarse vocals... and song titles like "The Devil Lives in My Amplifier" and "Chanting Children", there is the distinct hint of an ominous aura. Not down right evil, mind you, just ominous.

While there's no question that Red's powerful rhythms and scorching leads are the focal point of this CD, vocals also play a vital role and are a major part of the band's presence. The connection between vocals and guitar reminds me a bit of the Trower/Dewar combination. Not so much in the way they sound, but in the way they connect. The CD consists entirely of Magic Red originals, and the songwriting is much better than one has a right to expect from an independently produced CD. Although somewhat overshadowed in the mix by loud guitar and vocals, the backing rhythm section provides solid, tight support.

The first cut, an instrumental, immediately sets the tone of things to come, opening the CD with a trance inducing guitar rhythm. This provides the backdrop for some slashing yet deliberately relaxed-pace leads. Which brings up one of Red's more interesting playing techniques. While capable of playing quite fast, he doesn't often rely on speed to make his point. He can easily drive the nail deep with longer notes, and does so often. I would loosely classify Red's playing as Heavy Blues, but only occasionally does his playing approach the speed-metal type leads I usually associate with this style of blues. Maybe Power Blues would be a better classification.

Working through the rest of this CD, the listener is treated to a steady diet of powerful rhythms, leads and vocals. The CD is very consistent, with only two or three cuts that I feel fall below the level set by the majority of the disc. The vast majority of songs are interesting, and while the strong guitar presence is always evident, the CD makes it all the way through without getting tiresome or seeming repetitive.

Some of my favorites from the disc are "Sister Mary's Boogie", "Don't Mean Nothing", "Tried to Keep You Satisfied", "Love Me Tonight", "On and On", and of course, "The Devil Lives in My Amplifier". You gotta love that title, and it's something probably most every blues guitarist secretly wishes for.

While this CD is likely to be too heavy and guitar oriented for a few, for those who enjoy powerful, infectious guitar rhythms and down and dirty leads, this one is a clear winner. Strong songwriting and vocals make this a complete Package. If I ever get around to completing that "Outstanding CD's Over the Years" section I've been intending to add to Electric Blues, this CD will likely get the US Independent CD category for 2000.

-Herm, ElectricBlues -

"87 Humboldt Street / Clarity"

Legions of instrumental guitarists are out there these days with good chops and solid work. What is often missing, however, is that individual spark, those personal qualities that set the guitarists apart from the rest. Magic Red possesses that spark, with a unique, aching quality in his music that meshes well with the spirituality that can be found on these two cds. Red can seamlessly move from mournful expression, to joyous near exultation, and the 87 Humboldt Street and Clarity compendiums brim with these gifts.

Like all successful bandleaders, Red is careful to surround himself with the best musicians he can find. When you’ve got the right people, you can do anything. Drummer Ron Lipnicki and bassist Eric Lee prove to be a highly flexible rhythm team. They're capable of more traditional rock rhythms on Pitch but on Fifteen Years provide an excellent rockabilly swing backing.

Even though a lot of comparisons are made in the music to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Joe Satriani, Magic Red does not conform to any copy-cat template or rule book; rather, he uses his considerable gifts to imbue the songs with individuality, illuminating them from within. The trick to successful homage is reverence that remains personal. Between original arrangements of his own compositional contributions, Red has created an album that pays tribute to a clear source of inspiration but also goes to places that the mentioned artists never imagined

-metalhaven, livejournal. - Instrumental Observer


Station Identification 2011
The Unspoken Truth - 2008
Clarity - 2006
87 Humboldt Street - 2003
Fire & Soul - 2002
The First Temptation - 2000

All 6 discs are receiving internet radio airplay, as well as dozens of TV placements, on many channels such as ABC, NBC, History Channel, Food Network, Bravo, Oxygen, Discover, MTV, Playboy, Biography, AMC, A&E, and CMT.



In a world filled with very talented musicians there are a rare few that stand apart from the rest.
For an artist to truly tell their story, technical prowess is not enough. The real story is in the soul
and conviction with which one tells it with. There are few who can deliver this complete
package. Combining guitar virtuosity and seamless melodies with roots that run deep into the
blues is not an easy task. Although one would think so after hearing Magic Red.

As Red digs into the instrumental genre more and more his voice becomes harder to deny. The
melodies are memorable and the grooves infectious. Red's playing has always combined the
grit of Stevie Ray Vaughan and the virtuosity of Joe Satriani into one unique guitar cocktail.
Floating effortlessly through his latest set of guitar visions he takes the listener where few
can... into the soul of a true artist. Moving from rockers to delicate ballads, Red shows all
emotions through his guitar. There is a sense of urgency at times, and a feeling of total content
and patience at others. There are the singing melodies reminiscent of the instrumental
masters, but the scars of a guitarist whose spent countless nights on the road, and in smoky
roadhouses. This is a player who can burn with the best, but still sizzle and groove. It's the kind
of playing that can only come after years of gigging, recording and shaping one's craft to a
razor's edge.

Constantly exploring new territory, while not forgetting where he came from, Red takes another
step forward. With each release we hear another side to his playing that wasn't there
previously. Stretching and pushing the limits of his abilities further on each CD, he keeps
raising the bar for both him and the listener. Every few years one comes along that is special.
Magic Red is that one.

What people have been saying about Red:

"This is the greatest unknown guitarist in the world."
-Tim Brack, Kid Rock Management

"The best player I've seen since Stevie Ray."
-Steve Kennedy, Sony Music

"With a firm grasp on the Blues, Red delivers a level of emotion that is not normally found on
instrumental guitar records. Great music to kick back and enjoy a beer with some friends to."

"For blues fans and people who like to marvel at guitar genius this is worth a look"
-Greg Neiman, The Advocate, Alberta, Canada

"Red is a powerfully intense class fretwork"
-Tom Branson,

"I've seen all the greats and this young man is cut from the same cloth."
-Bobby Rush, Blues/Soul Grammy Nominee