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"Introducing: Maglia Rosa Group"

With the recent release of their first EP, Nighthawks, Maglia Rosa Group have put forth a collection of gems, which shows the coming together of some of my favourite features of some of my favourite music. Top of the list comes their use of the kind of melodic dissonance found in Sonic Youth’s more laid-back tracks (see also Placebo and the heart-rending guitar work on ‘So Real’ by Jeff Buckley). One of my favourite tracks off the EP which demonstrates this brilliantly is ‘Blood Orange’, but then again the dark ‘Fallen Daughter’ is equally enthralling.

It isn’t all mellow, dissonant guitar-work though, as the occasional upbeat indie riff gets your feet tapping and adds the necessary variety to the band’s work. This is at its clearest on title track ‘Nighthawks’, which ensures the EP starts on a high.
Of course, none of this would be complete without lead-singer Daisy’s fantastic, rich vocals which at their heights manage to remind me of Kate Bush. Meanwhile the fusion between her more classical singing style and the instrumental style I’ve mentioned above has hints of Wild Beasts but, in my opinion, is carried off far better. For those who haven’t heard Wild Beasts before, Daisy’s vocals may take getting used to, but you’ll be repaid 10-fold for the little effort put in: the vocal lines hold the rest of the music together beautifully while giving it an extra sense of myth and magic. And, let’s face it, it’s just great hearing another strong female vocalist – I still don’t think there are enough of them on the scene, even with superstars Florence and Lana Del Rey giving plenty of inspiration.

In a word, Maglia Rosa Group’s music all comes together brilliantly – it’s fresh, captivating and bursting with the band’s talent. What’s more, I have a hunch from what I can glean of the band’s general aesthetic that they’ll be a treat to see live.
See Maglia Rosa Group’s Soundcloud page where this compelling EP and a selection of their equally good previous recordings make up a musical treasure trove. Maglia Rosa Group are: siblings Daisy and Sam Lawrence (vocals, guitar, synth-organ/piano and the occasional flute); Owen Cox on drums and Matt Gadd on bass. - Music Broke My Bones

"Maglia Rosa Group - Nighthawks EP Review"

Enter Maglia Rosa Group. Fronted by Daisy Lawrence (vocals, flute, organ, guitar) the author of said e-mail and Sam Lawrence (guitar, synth) together with drummer Owen Cox (ex-Elle s’appelle) and Matthew Gadd on bass, I wondered what they would bring with their Nighthawks EP?
I was soon to find out that in these days when being different can often mean being marginalised they have brought a sound that would lend itself to the dark with no problem at all.

The title and lead track of the EP couldn’t be more appropriate, as I alluded to earlier, Nighthawks is night music, it hints at Portishead’s 1994 debut Dummy, with Daisy’s vocals reminiscent of that of Beth Gibbons but with a stronger not so fragile feel. The whole thing is propped up by a low key rhythmic backbone slightly reminiscent of Moloko (and that is not a criticism).
The vocals have an accessibility and draws the listener in over the course of the whole body of work, and thats exactly how this EP needs to be heard, as a complete work.
The individual tracks stand alone well, but listened to in it’s entirety the EP makes sense. That said the standout for me is Fallen Daughter, a sinister low key intro setting the tone for the rest of the track which is drenched in Daisy’s honeyed vocal. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

With my photographer head on, I love the cover artwork, double exposures are very cool,a great match for the EP. - Play Pause Rewind

"British Invasion of the Week"

Having just released their first EP Nighthawks, we now have the video for the title track from Norwich’s Maglia Rosa Group. We are clearly seduced early on from Daisy Lawrence’s impeccably strong demeanor, as she plays with us, constantly coming in and out of focus. The theatrical take gives itself room to explore it’s surroundings, but certainly the star here are those incredible pipes.
While we love Daisy on here, her angelic delivery on fellow EP song “Fallen Daughter” must be heard. Nighthawks overall is a very introspective listen, that just sounds so sonically correct. Hear the rest of the pretty great EP here. - Hand Clap Movement

"Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest 2013"

Swirling with Siouxsie like mysticism "Nighthawks" is a dark, gorgeous beauty that shines through sparse, rhythmic drums and shimmering guitar textures whilst haunting vocal swoops immerse you fully in its atmospheric grace - a wonderful track. - Just Music That I Like - Judge


Nighthawks EP



2013 has seen Maglia Rosa Group in live session for BBC Introducing, being shortlisted for Glastonbury's Emerging Talent Contest 2013 (by “Just Music That I Like”), and receiving heartwarming reviews from across the blogosphere.

Rewinding to 2010, sibling songwriters Daisy Lawrence (vocals, flute, organ, guitar) and Sam Lawrence (guitar, synth) set about forming a band. Bringing extensive touring and festival experience to the line-up, drummer Owen Cox (ex-Elle s’appelle) joined later that year, with Matthew Gadd completing the line up on bass.

A series of early gigs and recordings quickly resulted in the band moving toward a more involved sound. Whilst retaining their original melodic sensibility, a desire to incorporate some obscure influences has resulted in a sound which allows atmospheric tensions to play out beneath a pop veneer.

Showing a progression towards a more electronically involved aesthetic, December 2012 saw the release of the band’s debut EP - ‘Nighthawks’. Here, analogue synths gurgle and hiss between arpeggiated guitars, whilst subtle bass lines and dark resonant kick drums dialogue with singer Daisy’s introspective vocal delivery. Dwelling on themes of love, longing and loss, Daisy and brother Sam’s lyrics also flirt with the abstract and surreal.