Chugging groove guitar oriented Metal with growling harmonic vocals,featuring shredding leads that are backed by a super solid rhythm section of time changing pounded drums and thumping bass.


M*A*G*M*A* is influenced by old school thrash/speed metal and have been together for 10 years, our unique style of metal has influences from many forms of music ,including 70's jazz fusion, classic rock and punk


M*A*G*M*A*- The Eruption our self produced EP has been played on the radio from California to Germany,
and the band was featured on Tales from the pit heavy metal video magazine.

Set List

We have an hour set, featuring songs from our EP,
including "Corporate Head" "Pro-Death" "The Child"
"Sinister minister" "the resurrection" "devils fork" and Metallica covers"seek and destroy" "for whom the bell tolls"and "The four Hoursemen"