4 unique individuals with 4 very different musical backgrounds ranging from Dave Matthews band to Converge forming a fusion band of metal, funk, classical guitar, flamico guitar,jazz and progressive metal with vocal influences of Mike Patton. Each song is very unique but with similiar themes.


MaGnesia is a four-piece metal fusion band from southern Connecticut , cutting teeth the past year at The Knitting Factory Main Stage NYC and Toad's Place.
The music is madcap, progressive, and intense; original songs that groove, swell, and jump. Chris Baldwin's eccentric lyrics and inspired vocals channel many characters; guitarist Rob DiRoma Jr. and bassist Chris Rivera engage often, and in harmonious layers; and Dan Acedo's hard hitting, groovy drum work provides a rhythmic backdrop.
The band's high-energy, 90-minute, live performances dabble in the extreme – a fusion of rock, funk, jazz, metal, Latin, and classical. Yet MaGnesia is, inescapably and refreshingly wild at heart.
MaGnesia just finished up 2007 with a packed audience at the infamous Knitting Factory Main Stage in NYC. Magnesia also got an incredible CD Review from online rock review site Hardrock Heaven getting a 9/10 on there newly released EP which is available at shows, through snocap and a hard copy will be available through the website asap. Magnesia is taking some time off to record a full length double album, but will be back in early april to do some mini tours throughout the US and be playing more extensively in the NYC area for the rest of the 2008.



Written By: Magnesia


The land of Xamaica, of amnesia and orchestra

Of steel drum and marimba that glows magenta when played

Me and dreaded friends we parade

Around green fires we lay

Within green ripple and wave

Swim in the deep haze

My plain is the green sea

The purple palm, the feathery leaf that looks just like tree

Pink with purple polka-dotting

That makes me high, as high as the place where Marley resides

The sun setting sky

Domain of Xamaica, we’re jammin’ drinking papaya

Sitting round beneath the stars

And blowing hookah rings and darts

We us bestest children obey

The goddess Miya Deranged

We smoke and party all day

Swim in the deep haze

Xamaica is the fuel, the fuel that makes your body jump

Xamaica is the fuel, the fuel that makes your body jump

Xamaica is the fuel, the fuel that makes your body jump

Xamaica is the fuel, the fuel that makes your body jump


Written By: Magnesia

Onwards into pink world we fly
We are of cold cloud and sky

Join me clan of alien
To the city that lies under glass
We Europans are newborn and free
Our eyes like snow
Join me children of icicle
Spree, to see the white broccoli trees
Moon soon will be our new home to keep
The flat and cracked land

Waltz the water still underneath
Waltz the water still underneath
Clowns, it’s time to prance around
Unleash the fleets, unleash the fleets

We are winter universal
Tidal, cosmic, ice skating rink
Pink, white, black bricked city in glass
Build, build, construct mighty ice blocks

Frosted children at last

We will show the fire children of Io
How to fucking dance…

Crater, crack
Let the water flow
Ice caked lone
Pink Antarctica

Throw down your feet Europa
We are infinite power, force, rime

Akira's Revenge

Written By: Magnesia

I am the master of acupuncture, bow down to me cause I’ve returned
Self-obsessive of stabbing weaponry and the breaching point of blade to neck
I am the creature of firecrackers, loud and explosive I’m the match
That will set this island into the sea, chaos reaped will be in my grasp
Back off, back off motherfucker

I am the shaman of pyrotechnics, medical chemical warfare of skin
Nuclear head, a claw hammer, missile fuse, the takeover beast and the brute
I am the master of technology, red and green robot mixed into one
Powerhouse of cyber genetic force, machine guns to take out the sun
Back off, back off motherfucker

My name’s Akira and I have come to take your souls and your minds

People won’t you dance like I fucking dance, it’s the only way to save your lives
You are either with me or not with me, foolishly fight me or join my dynasty
Back off, back off motherfucker

My name’s Akira and I have come to take your souls and your minds

Now welcome me here again back into Tokyo everyone
I have come for revenge to make right what was wronged long ago
Bow to me, worship me land of the rising sun
All Hail Your King

Didn’t you know I’m a videogame hero
Didn’t you know I’m a videogame?
Didn’t you know that Atari and me are the same
Didn’t you know that both of us here are to blame
For the knockout punch

My breakdowns are better than yours
Face the facts fuck and eat the dirt
Our breakdowns are better than yours
Face the facts fuck we’ll shatter the earth

Supersonic speed trigonometry dice you into bits
Celebration, celebration long be heretics
Dance like I can dance, dance like I can dance or be blown to shit
Celebration, celebration long live our revenge
Blow up Tokyo, blow up Tokyo, I’m the best anime that there is
Blow up Tokyo, blow up Tokyo, neon lights explode in my grip
Take down Tokyo, take down Tokyo, me and my men Magnesia we’ll bring
Death to Tokyo, death to Tokyo, everybody will scream in our name
Down with Tokyo, Neo Tokyo

Kneel before me you pathetic pack of sheep
You shall all sing to me, you shall all sing to me
All Hail Your King

Lollipot Forest

Written By: Magnesia

Lolli-gaggling fiends living it up, and lighting them up
We took a walk and lost ourselves in pine-needled trees
These hippies and me settling down and clearing the ground
The fire roaring, the papers rolling, the smoke arising yeah its three stories high
And so the forest grove is slowed
Poppy slowly starts to take its hold on visionary subliminary
As we sat and campfire spat up its flame, us kids are insane

Candy makes me high, candy makes me high
Strawberry and blueberry and raspberry lollipop trees
Their sap gets me high, their sap gets me high

Indefinitely the trees are turning and morphing into a more colorful hue
And more spherical too, were tripping and flipping fuck nuts are these visions
Pushing on through
I don’t know about all of you but I’m helping myself to some lollipop juice
All the rivers are flowing, all the sugar is falling like menthol and mints on the flowers
And shit I need some of that bubblegum center so lets get some sticks
And poke out some holes let the soda pop spill out from lollipop heads
Drip down the stems
It seems like lolli-trees are shaking and lately I’m aching for it all to stop
There’s too much in insanity, cannot deal with this spiel of unreal

Poke, poke with your sticks lets drink man Alcohol tastes better when its fruit punch
This trail is like a yellow bricked road Except all the colors of the rainbow
Smoke, smoke lets toke till we’re fucked man Lets skip down this marijuana Wonderland
Tree trunks taste like junk food, sweet cake Their foliage little lollipop flakes
It feels like bliss to be out of control

Yo, yo put your acoustic guitar away No way these birds are really Toucan Sams
Ah shit the stash is gone and John is fucked Laying flat, spitting up all of his lollipot
It feel like bliss to be out of control
It feels like bliss to be this out of control

Row, Row, Row the forest floor is deep
Row, Row, Row the liquid candy drowns us all


4 song EP released in December with tracks
Lollipot Forest
Akira's Revenge
Damn Skippy

Set List

Typical set lists is 8-9 songs running anywhere from 45 minutes to almost an hour
typical set list goes as follows
Some Word in an Opium Den
Got Gold
Jazz City
Johnny Warren goes to Tiernan's
Akira's Revenge