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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review of Chicago show on March 11, 2009"

Magnetars I have never seen before and they really blew me away. They were awesome. The singer Elizabeth was playful and sweet on stage. Even before she took the stage I noticed her. She had this little top hat on and this silvery-grey costume. Ms Elizabeth stood out before she sang a note. She used props, wore different masks for each song. Every song was a new dedication. "This one goes out to all the sexy people" she would say....or something like that. Ms Elizabeth loved performing. For one of the songs she wore these huge sunglasses that made her look like Katie Jane Garside from Queen Adreena. Elizabeth did this cute robotic dance for that specific song. It was a fortunate find for me to see them because they will be traveling to some festival in Manchester, England in May. It's great for Magnetars because so early in their development do they have this chance to travel and be influenced by this gig. And for Manchester it's a chance to see a hint of what we have here. When next they perform back home in Chicago it shall be as seasoned travelers. -


Scram E.P. (2009)
WNUR Live Radio Session (August 22 - 2009)



Magnetars, neutron stars that are the ultra-strongest magnets in the cosmos, can release more energy in 0.2 seconds than our sun would release in 250,000 years.

Magnetars, human musical-electric outfit from Chicago, can blow your mind supplying tastefully executed, partially live-action sonic impulses at 15-feet, performing post-punk sprinkled SpacePop with psychedelic, new romantic aspirations heaped upon bursts of raw power, jettisoning song capsules that are equally suited for jaunts via mass transit or voyages to the deepest recesses of space...

Elizabeth delivers a theatrical flair-filled show featuring a multitude of masks and moods, complimenting the artistic, experimental brand of alternative rock resounding from the PA...

Brian mingles among robotic accompanist SGR 1806-20 and the drum kit, keeping time with the melodies he painstakingly and haphazardly crafted on guitar, bass and keyboards...