Magnet Club

Magnet Club


The Magnet Club specializes in setting bright keyboard melodies, jangling major 7ths guitar chords, and guy-group crooning to groovy beats that you can dance to. With literate lyrics on top, the Magnet Club's brand of quirky pop-rock is unlike much you've heard before.


Inspired by the likes of Stephin Merritt, the Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, Jonathan Richman, and other indie-popsters, The Magnet Club started as an attempt at bringing nostalgic-minded, lush, laptop-pop out of the bedroom and to the live stage when Omar de la Rosa asked his friend Jordan Randall to play live drums to the songs at "Pop! Nights." The events were put together across coffee houses and micro-clubs in Central Florida by Sam Metro (bass). The Pop Nights went well and from the Central Florida Pop scene the Magnet Club emerged to bring their unique brand of pop to audiences.


Venii EP (2007): A Collection of songs written, recorded by Omar de la Rosa during 2006 and early 2007.

Set List

Typical Setlist includes: "Leave Me To My Wine Glass," "Quarters In The Machine," "Let It Snow In Orlando," "The Last Page of Your Diary," "My Diane," "Watch Me As I Save The World," "Sweet Butterfly,""Let's Stay In Darlin'" and sometimes 1 cover.