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North Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE

North Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE
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"Christina Aguilera’s Guitarist Talks Touring, KISS and Les Pauls"

Rafael Moreira is a Renaissance guitarist. Born in Brazil, Moreira grew up listening to rockers like KISS and the Stones, and took up the guitar at age 6. Flash-forward to adulthood and the guitarist has toured the world with two huge pop stars (Christina Aguilera and Pink), played in the house band on a prime-time TV show (Rock Star: INXS) and worked with one of his idols (Paul Stanley). In his free time, he’s also found time to make an album of Brazilian music and record with his power trio Magnetico. Moreira recently took time from his multi-faceted musical life to talk about his favorite guitars, his latest album and performing with one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

You’ve toured with two of the biggest pop stars in the world – Christina Aguilera and Pink. Are there different musical challenges when working with one or the other?

I have to say that they’re both phenomenal singers and it has been a privilege to work with them. I think they’re just different people, so therefore, they approach their music differently. From my perspective, I feel pretty comfortable working with them musically and personally.

How hands-on is Christina when it comes to the live music? Is she pretty flexible when it comes to how you want to play something?

Christina is pretty vocal about how she wants to hear certain things, but she hasn't been very picky with the guitar (at least not while I’ve been doing my thing with her), which allows me to be more creative.

Christina Aguilera’s stage show is pretty elaborate. Do you have to be concerned with choreography at all, or are you just making sure you stay out of the way?

No not at all, I just rock my guitar and have a good time; they’ve been pretty respectful in giving me my space.

What guitars have you been playing recently with Christina?

I’ve been using a J-45 through a portable BAE pre-amp (1272 neve sounding DI/pre), a ’58 Les Paul Custom and a ’59 Les Paul Custom tuned down to E-flat. The choices are simple. I can get the ’58 LP to sound very full on the rock tracks and also huge on the clean stuff and I use the ’59 LP to double some of the synths on the new tunes, it sounds super heavy and mean! Basically, I like to be consistent with my guitar tones and having the two ’50s Custom LPs in different tunings provides me just that.

Who first made you want to pick up the guitar?

The bands that inspired me to play guitar were KISS and The Rolling Stones. I was 6 years old when I started.

There are clips out there of you playing many different Gibson models. If you had to choose, which would be your favorite and why?

I love all my guitars and I probably have almost every single Gibson model out there! But I enjoy the sound of my LPs; there’s nothing like it.

Tell me about your power trio, Magnetico. When did the band form and what kind of music do you guys play?

Magnetico is my rock trio. The band’s been around for eight years or so (though I’ve had to work it in around my other touring engagements with other artists). We’ve done shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, different states in the U.S. and we play a lot in the L.A. area. Our first album,Songs About the World, is out worldwide on iTunes through my publisher Bug Music, which also has bands like Wilco, Kings of Leon, and represents legendary artists like Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc. The music is pretty much guitar-driven progressive rock, with some really cool lyrics and vocal melodies… You can check out www.magneticomusc.comor

Some people might not know that you were the guitarist in the house band on Rock Star: INXSand Rock Star: Supernova. Were you disappointed that the series didn’t continue after the second season? Do you ever see your former bandmates?

I wasn't disappointed at all; I think everything happens for a reason! I had an amazing time on the show and my guitar playing got exposed to millions of viewers! Right after the show I got to go on tour and record a DVD with one of the people that inspired me to play guitar, which was Paul Stanley from KISS and I got to take my time and record my band Magnetico’s first album, Songs About The World. As far as the guys in the band, we’re always in touch and just played together in Vegas for the first time since those days!

You’re a pretty versatile guitarist, from playing R&B and pop with Pink and Christina to playing rock with Paul Stanley and on Rock Star to releasing a jazzy, Brazilian solo album in 2005. Do you thrive on being able to play in different styles?

I think my versatility comes from being very open-minded musically. Growing up in southern Brazil on a farm with a family of musicians had a huge impact on me, from my mother’s choir to me and my brothers playing as a trio in state fairs – it all just shaped me to be comfortable on stage performing all styles of music from rock to country to Brazilian music, etc.

You’ve collaborated with some amazing artists. Do you have a “dream” collaboration – a musician you would love to play with?

I did play with Paul Stanley from KISS, which was incredible! But as far as collaborating with new people I think I’m open to new adventures, not necessarily with any specific artist or band, but with great musical minds so we can keep making good music!

- Gibson

"Band to Watch: Magnetico"

This is a band worth checking out especially all you musicians out there. Magnetico is a band packed to the brim with talent. First of all you have Chris Cornell/Vertical Horizon’s bass player and P!nk/Ozomatl’s drummer, creating a pretty solid foundation. The cherry on top is Rafael Moreira, lead guitarist for the House Band for CBS’s Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Supernova and touring guitarist for Paul Stanley (KISS), P!nk, Don Felder (The Eagles), Christina Aguilera, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Stevie Wonder, Dave Navarro, Natasha Bedingfield, Tommy Lee, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and more.

I find it hard to believe that they’re still unsigned, but I suspect that they won’t be for long. Rafael Moreira’s talent on guitar is amazing on the album. I can only imagine what it is like live. His shredding is quick and limber but doesn’t aim to be shredding for shredding’s sake. Each guitar solo is thoughtful nestled in each song and enhances the song without getting too egotistical.

Magnetico’s latest album Songs About the World, is a well-made and carefully-crafted record. With every listen, I was uncovering different parts, a harmony I overlooked here, a guitar part hiding in the background there. The attention to detail is incredible.

My favorite tracks are “Avalanche” and “The Emperor,” but everything is pretty strong. I could have done without “Santa Claus is a Lie” and “Killer Girl.” Musically, they’re still rockin’, but the lyrics leave more to be desired. “Letter For a Friend” is another great track, but I find it takes a few more listens than the other songs before the heavier message hits you. Going back to “Avalanche,” that’s another song with a deeper meaning. Apparently, it’s about cocaine? But you wouldn’t know it after the first listen. Actually, you would have probably never figured it out unless I told you, so there are potentially deeper messages in the other songs as well. Always a good thing.

The one thing I wish this album would do is take some risks. Sure, there aren’t that many guitar virtuosos and good-old-fashion rock bands, so Magnetico’s mere choosing this path is commendable, but maybe those bands of yore aren’t around for a reason. I wonder if perhaps the age of wicked guitar solos is over, who knows. My metalhead friends would argue otherwise but I still think that they have to inject something different into the formula.Well, something a little more obvious than subversive meanings in their songs.

Check out Magnetico here or on Facebook
- ZME Music

"Radio Interview with Rafael Moreira"

To listen to the podcast visit

Rafael is introduced at 24:30 but the actual interview begins at 28:00 - Maximum Threshold

"Artist Spotlight: Magnetico"

An Interview With Indie Rock Band Magnetico

Zack Daggy: What are the origins of Magnetico?

Magnetico: We originated from science and love – what I mean by that is musicians acting as scientists in creating music so magnetic out of passion & love that you can’t resist the sound. Basically we were created to make irresistible music!

ZD: How would you describe Magnetico’s style?

M: Magnetic music with rocking guitars, sub bass with heavy beats and unforgiving vocal melodies … other than that it’s just rock and roll!! lol.

ZD: Tell me about your album “Songs About The World.”

M: It’s a very exciting, guitar driven, rocking disc with meaningful lyrics that will take each listener on their own musical trip! For real … no guarantee you’ll come back after a few spins … just saying. lol.

ZD: Are you touring much these days?

M: Not so much right now … mostly playing spot dates. and writing and demoing new tunes. We’ll put together a tour when the timing is right – so keep an eye out for it … and if you’re in the L.A. area in particular, come catch a show and prepare to be moved!

ZD: Where do you usually play?

M: Anywhere we feel that we and the fans can enjoy ourselves. Currently we’re playing some shows in the L.A. area (as I mentioned) while we’re writing and demoing new material.

ZD: What is typical live show for you guys like?

M: We treat it like we’re going to have a jam session and welcome everyone in. It’s a pure rock trio bringing it live … drums, bass, guitar and vocals … no unnecessary “filler”! There’s not a lot of that true hard rock vibe anymore and we’re bringing it back around for our fans!

ZD: What is your favorite song to play live?

M: I’ve been enjoying playing “Letter For A Friend” a lot, it’s a very challenging song vocally and I love to deliver it! I also love playing “Nothingness”.

ZD: What has been the raddest moment of your life?

M: Probably touring with Paul Stanley from KISS. I started to play guitar because of those guys and all of sudden I’m Ace Frehley, lol! But no makeup and being able to just be myself on the guitar … rad …

ZD: What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life?

M: I’d have to think about this … I’m rarely embarrassed … I actually don’t mind being embarrassed, lol!

ZD: Which line from one of your songs best describes you?


“A dream is not a dream unless you’re ready to lose it all”. - MothPod

"Magnetico Shines On Songs About the World"

Outsider Vocals has recently featured a few rock artists; including psych-rocker Derek Jordan (Derek Jordan -- Humanist Review).

This time around is the band Magnetico, lead by Rafael Moreira. Both they and he are a popular artists, yet relatively unknown at the same time. The bio below will help explain exactly what that means.

Here is the rundown on what Magnetico offers:

Magnetico is fronted by lead vocalist and Gibson-endorsed guitarist Rafael (pronounced Hafael) Moreira, who began performing at age 6 in Brazil. Since then, he has performed as lead guitarist/backing vocalist with some of music’s most recognized artists, including Paul Stanley (KISS), P!nk, Don Felder (The Eagles), Christina Aguilera, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Stevie Wonder, Dave Navarro, Marc Anthony, Tommy Lee, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and international stars Vasco Rossi and Utada. Recognized for his virtuosity on guitar, Rafael gained his broad fan base while appearing in the House Band for CBS’s Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Supernova.

Rafael has [had] appearances on major television shows throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. Notable television appearances include Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Good Morning America. Rafael also gained national attention for his performances on American Idol’s “Rock Week” 2009, The American Music Awards, MTV’s Rock the Cradle and the 2009 ESPY Awards on ESPN (where he was featured on slide guitar with Wyclef Jean). Rafael also joined other renowned guitarists Joe Satriani, Steve Luthaker and Richie Kotzen to judge The Guitar Hero Competition.

Magnetico likes to experiment (live and in studio) with different professional musicians so that each person can contribute their own talents to Magnetico’s continuously evolving sound. Contributing musicians have also played with Whitesnake, Foreigner, Thin Lizzy, Five For Fighting, Missing Persons and Ringo Starr.

Judging by that bio, this band seems to scream mainstream. However, I’m willing to bet that the majority of you have never heard a thing about them.

While a lot of unknown bands are unknown for a reason (instrumental proficiency -- or lack thereof -- being one cause) Magnetico is not one of those at fault. One listen/watch of the video embedded below for ‘The Emperor’ will prove that.

Unlike some of the rock bands I have come to find intolerable (Staind, Godsmack, and Korn being three of them -- just those names might be enough to make some of your shudder), Magnetico keeps their songs reasonably fast-paced. This is a both welcome and smart move in my part, as I find listening to those three aforementioned bands akin to trudging through wet cement.

‘Nothingness’ has an Alice in Chains/Stone Temple Pilots sound to it and ‘Avalance’ also keeps the album going full steam ahead as well. Vocally, if you took equal parts Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, and Layne Staley and mashed them together, you’d end up with Rafael. Not bad, right?

With the right kind of exposure (such as a slot at the weekend festival I will be at on May 22nd and 23rd -- Rock on the Range, in Columbus, Ohio) these guys could definitely break into the spotlight. They are too talented to be delegated strictly to late-night tv show gigs. Sorry, Jay.

Pick up your copy of Songs About the World and find out what I mean. Just make sure your 7 year-old doesn’t see the title of track #10, or you might have some ’splainin to do, as Ricky Ricardo would put it (cue to click on one of the links located below).

Here is a sample of what the music you’ll find on that page has to offer. Rather than going into a song by song breakdown, this will be a bit more efficient on all levels:

For more information, visit, and the Magnetico MySpace Page. - Outsider Vocals

"Magnetico Songs About the World Review"

You may not know LA-based Magnetico, but you might know it's principal player, Rafael Moreira. If you're somewhat of a TV junkie and dig music informed shows such as Rock Star: INXS, MTV'S Rock the Cradle, The American Music Awards, The 2009 ESPY Awards (ESPN), BBC Top of the Pops, Saturday Night Live, or The Tonight Show, to name only a few on his immense resume, then you will probably know Rafael Moreira.

Now celebrity and hobnobbing with celebrities hardly impresses me, but Moreira is an accomplished guitar player, vocalist, and composer in his own right. When not doing some high profile television gig or touring with some celebrity, Moreira expresses himself in his solo project Magnetico, and the debut release Songs About the World.

Apparent from the outset are two things. First, Moreira and Magnetico have a singular finger on the pulse of modern rock trends. But, and secondly, Moreira's guitar work, and Songs About the World in general, evoke a real old school flavor. On the former, an emphasis on riffage and an often heavier sound are deliberate throughout. Yet, Mr. Moreira's sound melodic sensibility and old school fret technique make this disc accessible to the new school and veterans like myself. A large portion of modern rock over the last ten years doesn't really get this. Moreira does, and we're better for it.

Conversely, and not to slight his crew, Songs About the World is all about Rafael Moreira. If anything grips you here it's certainly the level of his talent. Moreira ia quite possibly one of the best modern rock guitarists alive. Pick a song and you'll see what I mean. Fundamentally, what stands out is Moreira and his performance. Consequently, though many are quite good, I can't put my finger on a single song that stands out or above Moreira's playing. Nevertheless, if I had to pick, I'd probably opt for Avalanche, Soldiers of God, and the ever popular Santa Claus Is a Lie only because they have solid metal edge.

In the end Songs About the World

from Rafael Moreira's Magnetico project is simply a fine exercise and expression of his impressive musical skills. The song composition is sound, and his performance strong and abundantly present. The latter makes the album; the former is merely entertaining musical sophistry to advance the latter. - Danger Dog Music

"Interview With Magnetico Guitarist Rafael Moreira"

Magnetico is the latest project from guitar virtuoso, Rafael Moreira. The band's newest release, Songs About The World is a very solid, straight forward rock album that is accentuated by the incredible shredding of Moreira, which to me seems to be the focal point of this disc. He shreds through tune after tune leaving the listener spent and in awe. The man is talented and it is truly amazing what he can make his guitar do. As an amateur guitarist (a self-proclaimed hack) and someone who has been in and around the music business for the past 18 years I was thoroughly impressed. This is a great disc from an incredible musician. Here is what Moreira had to say about the band, the new release and what we can expect from Magnetico in the near future.

Now that your new CD, Songs About The World, is complete how do you feel about it? Are you satisfied with the outcome?
Rafael: I'm really happy with the album, particularly considering there was no budget or label support; I think it came out amazing. I feel that Joey, Corey and I played really well together and we got to create our own sound and I'm very proud of everyone involved on this project for their hard work!

What can fans expect when they pick up a copy of Songs About The World?
Rafael: Definitely some exciting music – it'll take you places! You may not be able to take it all in in just one listen; you’ll probably find something new in each song each time you play it!

Even though the songs on Songs About The World are packed to the gills with huge guitars, intricate rhythms, and complex arrangements, there are still strong songs at the core of it all. When you write do you start building from a simpler frame and then just stack up all of the individual parts and nuances?
Rafael: I usually write the songs on my own and then we start to play the song/idea with the band. You gotta have a great group of guys that want to create incredible music together! It's like being scientists in a room developing new things, but with music... I love it!

Are there any tracks on this disc that are personal favorites or that have good stories behind them?
Rafael: I pretty much like all the songs on the album... but, even though I really like the music on "Avalanche" the lyrics are even cooler since it's a double entendre. We didn't think about it that much when we wrote it, but usually people think it's about a relationship between a man and woman, but in reality it's about the love and hate relationship between a man and cocaine. "Letter For A Friend" also has an interesting story behind it. After I wrote the song I called a friend of mine (singer/songwriter Courage). He and I used to be in a band together and I asked him if he could write lyrics for it. He asked me "what do you want people to feel when they hear the song?" I told him I wanted people to cry... I swear I’ve witnessed a few already.

How quick are you in the studio? Can you usually knock things out in a couple takes?
Rafael: It all depends on the purpose of it all. Some people think my first takes are the best ones, but when I'm producing my own music... forget it! I get very picky with the whole thing, it's no fun sometimes! But I think when I’m producing other people I get to see things differently. I can't wait for somebody else to produce my music... but I have to have a lot of respect for them musically, otherwise it'd never work.

What about your personal influences, which guitarists were you listening to early on?
Rafael: Oh man, people like Ace Frehley, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Angus Young... all the good guys!

What are some of the qualities of a good metal guitarist?
Rafael: In general I dig all around guitar players that have soul... no soul, no go! They need to have a good vibrato, good bends, and they need to be able to improvise... you gotta be loose and able jam out! Basically I'm not a fan of robot guitar playing... lol!

Overall, what guitarist have you been the most inspired by?
Rafael: I mentioned a few early on, but there are some really amazing people that I'm inspired by and one of them is Scott Henderson. He used to be my teacher when I went to school and I learned a lot from him, not so much by his vocabulary, but by the way he thinks as far as improvisation goes.

The list of musicians that you have played with is quite impressive. Is there anyone individual or any one band that you have not played with that you would like to play with?
Rafael: I always wanted to play with Ozzy and I think he's going to miss out.

You have had an unbelievable career as a guitarist. Can you offer any advice to any of the younger guitarists who may be reading this out there and are trying to etch out a career in the music business?
Rafael: The name of the game (in my opinion) has changed – it's called "crossover"! If you wanna work and collaborate with different people you have to be versatile! Some people might see me that way I think. I've worked with Paul Stanley (KISS), Don Felder (The Eagles), been on a Rock TV show on CBS called Rock Star with INXS and Supernova (members of Metallica, GNR and Motley Crue), released a CD with my own rock band Magnetico, released a solo CD of my own fusion project called "Acid Guitar”, have an acoustic project in the works as well, but I also work Christina Aguilera, Natasha Bedingfield, Pink, etc. I basically love music and enjoy doing it to the fullest and that's my advice to all of you trying to get some gigs – "be versatile!

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?
Rafael: Obviously having played with Paul Stanley from KISS was like a dream come true for me, for a number of reasons. I started playing guitar because of KISS, and Paul Stanley used to watch the Rock Star TV Show; he personally asked all of us in the House Band if we would go on tour with him! The Live DVD One Live Kiss is basically a partial documentary of that.

Any closing words?
Rafael: Do it because you love it! [ END ] - Pure Grain Audio

"Rafael Moreira: Christina's string bender talks with Laurie Monk"

Rafael Moreira is not an unknown in the field of guitar having worked with Paul Stanley (KISS) and the pop diva Pink and Christina Aguilera! Rafael has also appeared as lead guitarist / supporting vocalist live on world tours and television, as well as on CD & DVD releases, with world renowned artists such as Don Felder (The Eagles), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Stevie Wonder, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony and Utada to name a few!!!

[Truth In shredding] Now you've secured top gigs with musicians like Pink and played at the very highest level, I am keen to understand how you started out, did you have the drive and ambition from day one to make it big or did it happen by chance?

[Rafael Moreira] I always had the drive and ambition, and knew what I wanted from very early on. I started playing guitar when I was six and was singing before that. My mother is a piano player and music teacher, and my two brothers and I had a rock trio since we were little; we got to play big shows in state fairs, local rock festivals and won some school songwriting contests! I think that helped me enormously as a musician, songwriter and performer to start at such a young age.

[Truth In Shredding] You were born in Brazil, do you think this adds something extra special to your music?

[Rafael Moreira] Absolutely! Brazilians in general are fun, relaxed and love to have a good time and because of that I think I'm a much looser player, not as stiff as some guitarists. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just the way it is!

[Truth In shredding] I understand that you attended GIT in California and won the GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) Masters Guitar Competition while at Musicians Institute. Was that a good time for you, who were the players you met and most learned from?

[Rafael Moreira] It was a great time. I made some really good friends that I keep in touch with to this day all around the world! The person that I learned the most from was Scott Henderson, not so much his licks and vocabulary, but the mentality on improvisation.

[Truth In shredding] In 2005 you released a guitar orientated album entitled Acid Guitar The album is described as an eclectic Instrumental blend of Rock, Jazz and Brazilian with melodies and soulful, shredding guitar solos. For sure there is a heavy Brazilian influence on the tracks, do you see this a definitive statement about your playing or do you see yourself progressing and expanding your musical boundaries?

[Rafael Moreira] It’s just a part of me … some of those tracks were written over ten years before I recorded the CD, which was released in 2005. It's my first CD and I produced it by myself without any budget or label support!

[Truth In shredding] What made you decide that you'd have a go at the audition for Pink when the audition actually called for a female guitar player?

[Rafael Moreira] First of all, I never wanted to do sideman gigs, unless it was with Ozzy, KISS (Paul Stanley – which was one of my favorite gigs to date!) , etc. … it just happened that I got the Christina
Aguilera gig a few years back and all these other gigs kept falling into my lap (fortunately). Well … the Pink audition was interesting; she usually likes to have a few women in her band and at the time I think she just had let go of her guitar player, so I think she wanted another woman on the guitar. Pink's Musical Director at the time Alex Alessandroni (who I had previously worked
with in Christina's band) told Pink that she should check me out … and that was that! I guess she liked me more than the forty women (no offense here, I love you women and sometimes hate you cause you make no sense … lol) that were there and ended up letting go of one of the keyboard players and hiring a girl for the second key position!

[Truth In shredding] Did the Christina Aguilera gig come off the back of the Pink gigs and what's it like working with some of the worlds top pop divas?

[Rafael Moreira] Christina's gig was my first big gig. As I said, I didn’t necessarily want to be a sideman … I’m a band kind of guy that writes songs and likes to rock and improvise jam band style. But a few
years after I left school I got a call from a friend telling me that they were auditioning musicians for a new artist, so I decided to give it a try … since Ozzy and all the other rock Gods were sleeping on a chance of getting me as their guitar player … lol! (Ouch, I'm on fire right now!) They liked me and my first couple gigs with Christina were Saturday Night Live (more cowbell, remember?) and Madison Square Garden! I also played with Mya, Natasha Bedingfield, Sheryl Crow, etc. … it's been an interesting journey (not like the band Journey, they're cool too … lol) where I get to incorporate my rock style with some beautiful women that you may want to call divas (in a good sense).

[Truth In shredding] What tips can you give guitar players who are making that big leap to become the guitarist for a huge touring band?

[Rafael Moreira] I wasn't planning on it, so just get yourself out there and go jam and show what you've got!!

[Truth In shredding] You got a lot of TV work under your belt, from series like American Idol, BBC Top of the Pops, BBC Live Sessions, Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The David Letterman Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live! That's an amazing amount of high profile work, now I guess this is easier for you to get now, but if someone new is looking to progress in this field what would they need to do?

[Rafael Moreira] That's just a result of everything I've done … one thing leads to another.

[Truth In shredding] You have your own band as well called "Magnetico" with a great new CD called "Songs About The World" This work is a lot heavier than the solo release. What are your plans for this band?

[Rafael Moreira] We're trying to go on tour with a bigger band, and hopefully that will be happening soon. It’s not the easiest of times out there in the music industry though right now, but we have a page on Facebook with over a 100,000 fans - - you can check
out a bunch of cool videos and pics, both personally and professionally shot. I got a publishing deal with Bug Music (Kings Of Leon, Wilco, Steve Ray Vaughan, Johnny Cash, etc.) and they're doing the distribution for the album worldwide on iTunes. We're meeting with some people to make some new videos and I'm in the process of recording some new tunes.

[Truth In shredding] With Magnetico it is clear you are a rounded musician, a great guitar player and singer. It's only in special case this works out, for example Richie Kotzen has successfully married the two. Do you see yourself following the model of singer songwriter who plays guitar or are you really a guitar player who can sing?

[Rafael Moreira]I really don't know what I am anymore lol! I've been writing songs since I was a little kid as well as singing, so it all comes naturally to me.

[Truth In shredding] Apart from regular practice , is there anything you can recommend struggling guitar players who get stuck in a rut?

[Rafael Moreira] I don't practice a lot. I usually just like jamming with friends and writing songs! I think the best advice I can give someone that I’ve never seen play is to try to enjoy themselves at all times,
that's what music is about!

[Truth In shredding] I would like to thank you so much for spending time answering these questions and we wish you all the best for the future, you deserve it!

[Rafael Moreira] Thanks a lot! I appreciate all the support! - Truth In Shredding

"Show Review: Volto, Magnetico, and Nothin’ Personal at the Waterfront Theatre"

Last week, I got to catch a show, rather unexpectedly, at The Waterfront Theatre in Marina Del Rey. The venue was lofty and densely populated with people standing shoulder to shoulder with one another. It was also right by the water, a perfect place to fall in love—with music that is. On the bill was Danny Carey’s (from Tool) side project Volto, Magnetico, and Nothing Personal.

All the bands put on an energetic and engaging set but I was intrigued by Magnetico, particularly frontman Rafael Moreira. In my opinion, he slyly upstaged Volto, not in an arrogant malicious way, but in a where-did-this-ninja-come-from way. Magnetico played 45 minutes of upbeat rock songs with the exception of a “Letter For A Friend” which could easily be this band’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” type ballad.

Moreira was elegantly fierce on guitar and no wonder, he’s been everywhere. Did you ever watch the show Rock Star on CBS and the subsequent follow-up Rock Star Supernova? You know Rafael from the house band? Yup, it’s the same guy. He’s also the touring guitarist for a bunch of big names like Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Paul Stanley (from Kiss), Stevie Wonder and others.

You’ve got to see this guy play in person especially now that he’s playing his own music. He’s incredible and the music is stellar as well. He’s a talented songwriter and I hope that his talent takes him farther than it already has. Find him on Facebook or visit Magnetico Music.
- Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"Magnetico "Songs About The World" CD Review - NoHo Trio Truly Magnetic"

By Randy Falsetta / Editor - Splash Magazine Worldwide

One of the most creative and inspiring bands to come out of California's North Hollywood (NoHo) district is the powerhouse trio Magnetico. Recently voted by Music Connection Magazine as one of the Top 100 Unsigned Bands in the U.S.A., their sound and vibe are unique to say the least. Lead by guitar virtuoso and vocalist Rafael Moreira, whose accolades alone span the length of any of the many stages he has performed on, the group is sonically solid and are anchored by Corey McCormick on bass guitar and Joey K. on drums.
Best recognized for his appearance as part of the House Band for the CBS television reality show Rock Star: INXS and subsequently Rock Star: Supernova, Rafael's guitar brilliance has allowed him to support and play alongside some of rock and pop's most elite artists. Included are Paul Stanley (KISS), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Don Felder (The Eagles), Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction), Pink, Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony and Enrique Iglesias. Following the 2005 release of Acid Guitar, his first instrumental solo album, Moreira is proud and eager to promote his latest project in the world of music which he is so clearly passionate about.

Entitled "Songs About The World", Magnetico's 2008 CD release is highly energized with guitar-heavy song writing alongside meaningful lyrics. Produced by Moreira himself, the disk also features his unique and creative vocal talents as well as hints at synth, keys and bass moog on three of the album's tracks.

From the disk's opening cut "The Emperor", which is coincidentally also the band s first music video, its catchy chorus phrase "I wanna change the world, I wanna change your mind" hits you in the chest. The mid-song tempo change which houses Rafael's guitar solo and blistering finger-work challenges the listener to think outside the box. Filled with a bottom-heavy groove it is charged with expression and meaning.

The haunting "Nothingness" is cleverly written with its solid bass line throughout the verses below an imitating guitar riff accompanying the vocals. Guitar effects expand the boundaries of this song once again with Moreira's imaginative and edgy playing both in the solo and throughout the track.

Kudos must go out to Joey K. for his solid and superbly tight drumming on "Invisible". The groove set in the verse and his expressive playing in the chorus is brawny. His capabilities are clearly present on the disk as time-changes and fantastic fills appear seamless. Accompanied by Corey McCormick on bass this rhythm section is incredibly tight as found on the break in "Soldiers of God" where they give the band Extreme a run for their money mimicking "Color Me Blind" for its intense syncopated rhythm.

The album's ballad "Letter For A Friend" is refreshing, as its placement mid-record gives relief from the disk's otherwise thundering songs. The track shows versatility in song writing and is both passionate and powerful in its delivery.

Magnetico and their 12-track "Songs About The World" is truly about the music itself. No doubt created and intended for the true musician and thoughtful music fans to appreciate, it screams independence from the musical wolves howling out for their latest taste of manufactured monotony. There is no doubt that upon its first listen the creativity, expression and passion for music will draw you into the magnetic sound that is Magnetico. - Splash Magazine Worldwide / Randy Falsetta / Editor

"Rafael Moreira - All Together Now"

(Cover Article) Rafael Moreira on Social Networking Your Way to Success

Rafael Moreira travels in a vastly different universe than most aspiring musicians. He has performed with hitmakers Pink and Christina Aguilera, spent 2005 and 2006 on weekly primetime TV during the CBS Rock Star series, joined Paul Stanley on the Kiss frontman’s 2006-2007 solo tour, appeared on MTV’s Rock the Cradle in 2008, snared a sweet publishing deal with Bug Music, appeared on American Idol’s “Rock Week” in 2009, and has gigged at prime venues such as The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with David Letterman, the MTV Music Awards, and The American Music Awards. But when it comes to releasing his own material, Moreira faces much the same challenges as any local band looking to break its way out of obscurity.

“I had no record deal or budget when I recorded my first instrumental solo album, Acid Guitar, in 2005, and the situation is the same now that I’ve just released Songs About the World with my band Magnetico,” says Moreira.

Without the perks of label funding, promotion, and distribution, Moreira opted to try building a fan base through social-networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. This is hardly a novel idea these days, but it may be the only way short of touring yourself into oblivion to successfully pull strangers into your orbit and transform them into lovers of your music.

Moreira’s steady and informed use of the medium has currently won him more than 35,000 Facebook fans and thousands of MySpace views, while many local acts struggle mightily to seduce a fan community of a few hundred (if that). Here, Moreira shares a few of his social-networking perceptions, concepts, and strategies with GP2 readers.

What’s the main advantage of social networking to an ambitious musician?

Social-networking sites allow artists to reach fans anywhere. Facebook has hundreds of millions of users—it’s like a big country—so it’s a great way to share content, and people can easily let you know what they want from you by posting comments. Everyone can learn and grow and become aware of new things. From the beginning, MySpace has been great about promoting music with its imbedded audio playback, and although it’s also a good way to reach potential fans, sometimes people will become your friend just to grow their own communities or spam your friends. I’m just starting to get into Twitter. I’m not sure how tweets are much different from Facebook status updates, but Twitter may serve a different network of people, so I want to be there engaging my fans.

What is the biggest challenge today for an independent artist looking to expand his or her outreach to an audience?

While the combination of the Internet and traditional media can be helpful in reaching an audience, it also makes it tougher, because there’s just so much stuff out there to take in. The challenge is breaking through and getting heard, and, for that to happen, I think it still comes down to the music. You must stand behind what you are creating as an artist, and let everything else follow. However, you also have to actively engage people with fresh, interesting, and different content that they can absorb quickly, because there’s only so much time in the day for people to be on the Internet looking at stuff. Hopefully, if people like your music or videos enough, they’ll share them with friends. That’s the best way to get the word out about who you are and what you’re doing, and it’s free promotion.

But, to be fair, not every artist gets to be on TV every week, as you were during the Rockstar series. How can someone without that level of initial exposure hope to build a significant audience utilizing social-networking tools?

Yes. My Web site would get around a million hits during the months I was on Rockstar. Of course, that’s not the case now, as I’m only doing a handful of television appearances. But that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to expand my fan base with Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Once again, your music is critical if you don’t have previous exposure. You have to be into what you do, and you have to believe in it, or nobody else will. If it’s good, and people feel a personal connection with it, then they will use the Internet to get the word out to their friends about you, and that’s how anyone can build a following on their own.

Specifically, how have you employed social media to get the word out about yourself and your music?

If I want fans to stay involved and share my music, videos, and everything else with their friends, then I need to be thinking every day how can I get better at what I do, as well as what I give them. I constantly work with my advisors to post the best mix of music, performance videos, personal video messages, personal notes, and news updates. We also re-launched my MySpace page with a fresh look and more content, and put up a new Facebook page this summer. As a result, we’ve experienced growth on both sites.

What is your level of interaction with your online community?

It’s really important that people know the artist is really there every week checking-in and trying to interact with fans and friends. They’re taking their time to do it, so I need to be there with them. It’s about connecting. Of course, it’s impossible to interact individually with all of the friends and fans on all the different sites, but I do try to give shout-outs to people through personal video messages on my Facebook fan page. I also post responses to fan comments every now and then.

You also post live videos of your band Magnetico performing on YouTube. Is this a viable way to attract notice?

Oh yeah, we get a lot of views and some great comments and private e-mails on those videos. I think what people really like about the videos is that they show a live rock trio. It’s just vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. No B.S. Purely live. I want people to feel as if they are there with us. It’s great if people stumble upon the videos, and it’s even better if they help promote awareness of our music and how we love to perform live.

How did you get invited to perform on the roof of the Facebook Headquarters?

That was my business adviser’s idea. His name is Mith Niles, and he got in touch with Facebook about how I was using their platform to help launch my career around the world. He also told them about my background—working with platinum-selling artists and doing my own original material in Magnetico. Luckily, there were some people at the company who liked my music and my Facebook fan page, so Kathleen Loughlin [a member of the Facebook public relations team] invited me to perform as the first musician to be a part of their Facebook Internal Speaker Series. Previously, they had invited Ashton Kutcher, Arianna Huffington, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, and others. I did a one-man acoustic set, talked about growing up in Brazil, my career in music, how I was using their platform, and what they could do better to help artists. It was a blast!
- Guitar Player Magazine (Online) / Mike Molenda / Editor-in-Chief


"Songs About The World" (2009) - Magnetico

"Acid Guitar" (2005) - Rafael Moreira



Since its inception, Magnetico has proven to be more than just a band, a sound, or a song. The band lays testimony to the statement that music is the soundtrack to our lives. Releasing Songs About The World – their debut album with a rebel spirit – Magnetico attracts its listeners with a combination of musical fortitude and years of experience rocking fans around the globe.

Magnetico is fronted by lead vocalist and Gibson-endorsed guitarist Rafael (pronounced Hafael) Moreira, who began performing at age 6 in Brazil. Since then, he has performed as lead guitarist/backing vocalist with some of music’s most recognized artists, including Paul Stanley (KISS), P!nk, Don Felder (The Eagles), Christina Aguilera, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Stevie Wonder, Dave Navarro, Natasha Bedingfield, Tommy Lee, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and international stars Vasco Rossi and Utada. Recognized for his virtuosity on guitar, Rafael gained his broad fan base while appearing in the House Band for CBS’s Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Supernova.

Rafael has significant television experience including just about every early show, daytime talk show and primetime talk show in the US, and appearances on major television shows throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. Notable television appearances include Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Good Morning America. Rafael also gained national attention for his performances on American Idol’s “Rock Week” 2009, The American Music Awards, MTV’s Rock the Cradle and the 2009 ESPY Awards on ESPN (on slide guitar with Wyclef Jean). Rafael also joined other renowned guitarists Joe Satriani, Steve Luthaker and Richie Kotzen to judge the annual Guitar Player Magazine “Guitar Hero” Competition.

Recognized for his songwriting talents, Rafael recently reached a music publishing agreement with Bug Music, the world’s largest independent music publisher. Bug Music represents the works of world-renowned artists including musical luminaries Johnny Cash, Pete Townshend and Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as contemporary hit makers Kings of Leon and Wilco. All of Rafael’s achievements contributed to his landing the cover of legendary publication Guitar Player Magazine online for his musical artistry and ability to unite fans around the world.

The airtight rhythm section on Songs About The World features Corey McCormick and Joey K. Resounding bass player and backing vocalist Corey McCormick’s musical stylings are influenced by his devoted appreciation for jazz and fused with his proficiency in rock, R&B, blues, metal, hardcore, and other styles as well. His inventiveness has already been utilized alongside legendary front man Chris Cornell and with Vertical Horizon. Transcendent drummer and additional backing vocalist Joey K.’s command of the drums has allowed him the opportunity to work with P!nk and Ozomatli. Magnetico also experiments with different musicians so that each person can bring their own creative energy to Magnetico’s continuously evolving sound.

Magnetico is based in North Hollywood and aims to draw fans with broad musical tastes with their intricate guitar-heavy songs and thought-provoking lyrics, while maintaining their musical integrity amongst musicians. Experience Magnetico at, and join 100,000+ fans strong supporting Rafael and Magnetico on Facebook at