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The best kept secret in music


"Magneto - Review"

A solid wall of sound from front to back, Magneto’s “ISA” reflects what would most likely happen if Built To Spill had a one night stand with Death Cab For Cutie. “ISA”, the opening track to their debut album Sounds Like Space, is chock full of layered vocals, squalling guitars, and tasty drum fills (ex-Foo Fighters producer Barrett Jones played both guitar and drums
on the album). Awesome song. -

"Magneto - Music for America review"

Sounds Like Space offers swirls and reverbs galore, but gracefully layered to highlight front woman Lian Light's vocals and tasty guitar work. Highly Recommended!!! - Music for America

"Magneto - 3 Imaginary Girls review"

On Sounds Like Space, Magneto created a dreamy, layered sound that rocks while it enthralls. What I love about Sounds Like Space is the refined sound of sumptuous layered vocal and guitar tracks, the swirls and whirls and wah wah wahs. - 3 Imaginary Girls

"Magneto - blog review"

The Spinanes goes on a blind date with My Bloody Valentine, they make out, but MBV doesn't call the next day. - blog review

"Magneto - Seattle Times - Night Watch"

Magneto, a promising Dinosaur Jr.-meets-My Bloody Valentine (don't try this at home) quartet ( Lian Light, sounding like the stepdaughter of J Mascis, could be Seattle's next indie icon.
- The Seattle Times

"Magneto - Seattle Times - Show Preview"

Magneto vocalist/guitarist Lian Light couldn't have picked a better partner in crime. Hooking up with producer/engineer Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Bush) allowed Light to craft a flawless blend of lush My Bloody Valentine arrangements with the guitar pop of Built to Spill. Magneto, which also features Brian Vogan and Kory Christian celebrate the release of their debut CD out now on the Swingline Records. - The Seattle Times

"Magneto - Deshevuled Review"

Sounds Like Space, the debut album from the Seattle quartet Magneto is a musical journey through catchy rhythms and guitar riffs, and some great song writing. The whole album really hits my in my hypnotic center –yes even an asshole like me has a hypnotic center. It has roots in indie-rock, but really it is more than that. The singing of lead singer and guitarist Lian Light floats over the top of the songs creating harmonies and melodies that most bands can never achieve. Some of my favorite songs on the album are Isa, Wake Up, November, and Machine. Really, though, the whole album is great. It’s available in record stores across the country on Feb 14. You should go out and get it, because it might be the best valentine you’ve had in a while.
- Deshevuled

"Magneto - I See - Artist to Watch 2006"

I cannot get the chorus of "Touch And Go" out of my head. The tune pushs/pulls its way through the verses, which are propelled by a heartbeat of a drum that's run up a few flights of stairs and has yet to stabilize to its normal pulse rate. Then, the hypnotic, see-sawing chorus kicks in, but that's just a "scenic overlook" en route to the bridge, which sighs resignedly, gorgeously, "It's all I know/believe me when I say it's all I know/this friction on my skin/will turn to scars". It's a 40 oz. cup of lush, black cherry slushrock with a shot or two of bitter vodka thrown in to excite the palette and warp the senses a bit.

Seattle's Magneto was formed in 2002 by singer and guitarist Lian Light. That year, Light recorded some demos with producer/engineer Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Bush) and he came on board as drummer. Bassist Brian Vogan was tapped to join a while later. The band recently signed to Swingline Records, and have garnered some well-deserved airplay on and KEXP. Their most recent CD is titled Sounds Like Space and can be purchased from CD Baby here.

With Light's practical purr of a voice and their music, which is like a waking dream that explodes from time to time into hyperalert consciousness, Magneto is a band to watch in 2006. -

"Magneto - The Torch (Chicago) Review"

Sounds Like Space
The Swingline Records

It isn’t very often that a band this good emerges seemingly out of the blue. In fact, it almost never happens. Then again, the members of Magneto aren’t exactly fresh meat in the music industry. For example, producer-extraordinaire Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Bush) is counted among their members. Regardless, Magneto’s debut record is a promising sampling of fresh ideas encased by swirling distortion and gorgeous vocal harmonies.

Thoughtful and melodic, Magneto’s Sounds Like Space exhibits a sound reminiscent of indie-rock juggernauts Built to Spill and Death Cab For Cutie. Magneto not only succeed in forming a massive wall of sound, but getting it stuck in the listener’s head as well. Singer Lian Light’s voice carries a certain Petra Haden quality to it, and is perfectly complemented by guitarist Barrett Jones’s harmonies. Jones also sat behind the drum kit for the album, laying down crushing beats that carry the thick layers of guitar noise.

Sounds Like Space starts out strong, with the infectiously catchy and fast-paced “ISA”. The album goes on to feature more low-key numbers such as “When I Am Not Alive” and the closer “Runaround”, as well as stop-and-go, angular riffs (“Applebite” and “Touch and Go”). Other standout tracks include “Machine” and “Never in the Sun”.

Sure, Sounds Like Space will probably not end up being the best album of 2006, but it’s definitely the most promising offering of the year thus far. Magneto have the potential to be one of the brightest stars in the indie-rock universe. Here’s hoping they take advantage of it.

- The Torch

"Magneto - SOMA FM - Elise/Indie Pop Rock"

"Magneto's swirly guitars and layered textures remind me of the best of the shoegazer bands, but it's Lian's clear voice - like a cherry on top - that makes me really love this band." - SOMA FM


full length - Magneto - Sounds Like Space (The Swingline Records 2006)

Currently #93 on College Music Journal Radio Charts (as of Feb 21 2006)

Streaming and radio airplay (highlights)
KEXP - Seattle, WA
SOMA-FM - San Francisco, CA
KDUP - Portland , OR
WVUR - Valparaiso, IN
CJLO - Montreal, PQ-Canada
KAUR - Sioux Falls, SD
KCRH - Hayward, CA
KCUR - Kansas City, MO
KOPN - Columbia, MO
KSAU - Nacogdoches, TX
KSLU-1 - St. Louis, MO
KSYM - San Antonio, TX
KUPS - Tacoma, WA
KWCW - Walla Walla, WA
WPRK - Winter Park, FL
KWLC - Decorah, IA
KUSF - Berkely CA
KXUL - Monroe, LA
SCAD radio - Savannah, GA
WCSR - Milwaukee, WI
WCWP - Brookville, NY
WFDU FM - Teaneck, NJ
WKDU - Philadelphia, PA
WMBR - Cambridge, MA
WMHC - South Hadley, MA
WMXM - Lake Forest, IL
WRBC - Lewiston, ME
WRGP - Miami, FL
WRGW - Washington, DC
WRSE - Elmhurst, IL
WRVU - Nashville, TN
WRSU - New Brunswick, NJ
WSYC - Shippensburg, PA
WSBF - Clemson, SC
WSCA - Portsmouth, NH
and Many More!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Singer/Songwriter Lian Light met producer Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Bush) after moving to Seattle from LA. They began work on demos at Barrett's Laundry Room Studios that would eventually become the beginning of Magneto's debut album Sounds Like Space. The emotions in Lian Light's vocals are powerful and clear as they float precariously above a sea of swirling guitar and driving low end. Ranging from wall of sounds anthems, "ISA" and "Machine" to the quiet sedate ballads, "Never in the Sun" and "Runaround", Magneto's debut "Sounds Like Space" proves to be a very diverse and accomplished first effort.

File Under : Space/Indie-Rock/Shoe Gazer/The Bastard Child of Built to Spill and My Bloody Valentine