Magneto create a lush, layered and just plain Massive sound. Channelling the guitar squal of Built to Spill's Doug Martsch and combining it with the pensive lyricism of Elliott Smith, Magneto is incredibly accessible without giving up any of their intelligence or honesty.


Singer/Songwriter Lian Light met producer Barrett Jones (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Bush) after moving to Seattle from LA. They began work on demos at Barrett's Laundry Room Studios that would eventually become the beginning of Magneto's debut album Sounds Like Space. The emotions in Lian Light's vocals are powerful and clear as they float precariously above a sea of swirling guitar and driving low end. Ranging from wall of sounds anthems, "ISA" and "Machine" to the quiet sedate ballads, "Never in the Sun" and "Runaround", Magneto's debut "Sounds Like Space" proves to be a very diverse and accomplished first effort.

File Under : Space/Indie-Rock/Shoe Gazer/The Bastard Child of Built to Spill and My Bloody Valentine


full length - Magneto - Sounds Like Space (The Swingline Records 2006)

Currently #93 on College Music Journal Radio Charts (as of Feb 21 2006)

Streaming and radio airplay (highlights)
KEXP - Seattle, WA
SOMA-FM - San Francisco, CA
KDUP - Portland , OR
WVUR - Valparaiso, IN
CJLO - Montreal, PQ-Canada
KAUR - Sioux Falls, SD
KCRH - Hayward, CA
KCUR - Kansas City, MO
KOPN - Columbia, MO
KSAU - Nacogdoches, TX
KSLU-1 - St. Louis, MO
KSYM - San Antonio, TX
KUPS - Tacoma, WA
KWCW - Walla Walla, WA
WPRK - Winter Park, FL
KWLC - Decorah, IA
KUSF - Berkely CA
KXUL - Monroe, LA
SCAD radio - Savannah, GA
WCSR - Milwaukee, WI
WCWP - Brookville, NY
WFDU FM - Teaneck, NJ
WKDU - Philadelphia, PA
WMBR - Cambridge, MA
WMHC - South Hadley, MA
WMXM - Lake Forest, IL
WRBC - Lewiston, ME
WRGP - Miami, FL
WRGW - Washington, DC
WRSE - Elmhurst, IL
WRVU - Nashville, TN
WRSU - New Brunswick, NJ
WSYC - Shippensburg, PA
WSBF - Clemson, SC
WSCA - Portsmouth, NH
and Many More!

Set List

New D Song
Wake Up
E Song
Touch and Go
Brain Song
Up At Night
Next to You
So Tired