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"The Bar Has Been Set"

If you are a musician, you just have to be a little ticked off at Jon Magnificent. 
I mean, whether his style is your cup of tea or not, we are all pretty unanimous on the fact that the guy is in his own class. That dawned on me when I realized he doesn't sound like anybody else even though he could, at will, instantly. Everybody is watching American Idol, anxiously awaiting the coming of the rock "Messiah" that will bring order, magic and wonder to an industry dead from it's own commercial redundancy. The fact is, this Messiah is here, has been here and pretty much removes all doubt with the release of "You Won't Believe This"; a limited release single that absolutely restores the magic of storytelling back into the craft. [He] does this with the passion, compassion and the forethought of a God creating a perfect universe. 
In the end he has upped the bar, perhaps far too high for us mere mortal musicians to reach, but reach we must. I sent this track to Tom Stiner of the band "Bob's Your Uncle" and he replied jokingly:

"Well.....I just burned my guitar, am using my bass as wall art, and decided to become a monk.
Oh, and you can thank Jon for that.
Where did he record this? I wish I had his pipes! 
Thanks Tim, you just ruined my day. LOL."

That coming from one of the top songwriters of our time is a hell of an acknowledgment and nobody can sum up the precise way I feel better that Tom.
In truth, [Jon] Magnificent is forcing us all to reexamine the art of the story and the "OOOMPH" we must muster in music to drive the message home.
There is a standard that has been set by this amazingly crafted masterpiece and woe be to every musician that does not strive for this level of excellence.

The tune is on the feature player on my myspace page.

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Real rock and roll saves lives.
I make real rock and roll.
My music is rock and pop interwoven with orchestral magick.
I am a steampunk.