Magnificent Bird

Magnificent Bird

 Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Magnificent Bird is a three-piece art rock band operating out of Norman, Oklahoma, and Austin, Texas. We like to use dreamy ambience to tell troubling stories and pass them off as pop songs. We think there's an audience for this, and we're out there looking for them.


Somewhere in the psychic landscape between a weeping Nosferatu and a defeated Baader-Meinhof Gang, there is a band that hides itself in the deepest woods, and plays smoke-infused shows to the cold applause of sweet-sick aristocracy and creeping night animals. In this place, defect is something to believe in.

Started by Nathan Lofties in 2006, Magnificent Bird has featured a rotating cast of members from the Norman, Oklahoma music scene. After five years of songwriting and sporadic live shows, the band released their debut Superdark Can Happen to Anyone in March of 2011. In ten songs made in shades of broken blackness, Magnificent Bird tells mournful stories with thoughtful, tiptoeing sweetness.

Yet Superdark Can Happen to Anyone is not a sad album in the same way that Carthage was never destroyed, and the music is like the shadows left behind by Hiroshima – wobbling and burned and very nearly dreamed. Magnificent Bird's music doesn't seek to represent the tragic and anguished so much as simply to address it, like playing something ruined but still reverent to a broken couple, coughing up their blood in the wings.

They are currently working on their follow up.


Magnificent Bird (EP 2006)

Instant Killer Spirit (Single 2007)

Superdark Can Happen to Anyone (Full-length 2011)