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Metaphysically named for the fictitious phenomena of musical magnitism, Magnifus is more than a part of Rubbia's weak force, It can be said that the melodies and rythyms of Magnifus are minimalistic in their unusual complexities, it can also be said that anything can be said while holding no validity whatsoever. It would seem that all thoughts are slave to the opinions of others, but that's purely based on assumtion. In resolution of the matter, you might reluctantly agree that in theroy you'll love Magnifus, and we agree.

What does Magnifus sound like?
"Sounds like old timey music, but from the future" suggested one of the ghosts of christmas, "or perhaps, proggressive-folk rock, er, but not as you're going to kill yourself but maybe later, it's meloncholy with a smile. "
Magnifus is music from Christopher Kayfield, a multi-instumentalist and singer-songwriter from outside of Philadelphia. Born with the delightful emotional handicap of not being able to feel fun, Kayfield has developed a sound that he says personifies himself. "I'm a bit like a depressed exclamation point," the musician jokes very seriously,"I'm always feeling very potentially excited, maybe." While most "acoustic" music consists of wispy, thin-picked, mellodramatic make-believe, Christopher's sincerity is unquestionable. The acoustic, rythmicaly intricate songs have a truly unique and awkward charm about them. The lyrics themselves involve everything from self medicating to ghosts who're tired of haunting people. As you listen you'll find yourself trying to place Kayfield's influences, as the songs never quite go where you expect them to go.
While maintaining a healthy pessimism at home and at school, Kayfield spent most of his youth teaching himself guitar, bass, and drums. He learned guitar by watching concert footage of his favorite bands and mimicing the shape of their hands to learn chords. Christopher also embraced the delights of social anxiety and developed a ninja like ability to avoid groups of people at all costs. It was also during this time that he decided he wanted nothing more in the world than to perform his music for large groups of's this cunundrum that powers Magnifus.
Magnifus is akwardness for cool kids.
Kayfield has always been more comfortable writing and recording songs by himself. He came to realize however that to perform these songs live he'd require five or more musicians. Christopher then decided to trim down his songwriting to a more basic formula of acoustic guitar, bass, and vocals. "I had a really difficult time finding guys who were willing to play the songs exactly how I recorded them, especially for free, which was really frustrating. Most musicians want to contribute creativly, and I always feel like a real jerk explaining that I'm basicaly looking for free session musicians, I was getting nowhere." Kayfield didn't plan on being a singer either, it was only after dozens of dissapointing auditions that he gave it a shot himself. "I was just never satisfied with what any other singers came up with, also I'm clearly a control freak!"
The live band consists of Christopher Kayfield (guitar/vocals), Benjamin Mitchell (bass/kazoo/toy piano) and the recently added Ryan Snyder (upright Bass). Magnifus is currently taking time to rehearse new material with plans to release it's first EP in 2010.