Rock music tinted with electronica underlining a soaring lead vocal and harmonies. This combination creates the organic trademark sound of Magno.


Several Florida tranplants and one Ohio native have joined musical forces to create a fun, toe-tapping, rock-pop group called Magno. They blend elements of rock and electronica to deliver a fresh and organic approach to the music world. Inspired by pop culture, coffee and kung fu, the members enjoy being on stage and performing their songs with swagger and undenying conviction, bringing it straight from the heart. They have already won over crowds at popular Atlanta venues, such as the 10 High, Cotton Club, and the Hard Rock Cafe. These guys have also strutted their stuff abroad in venues around the Southeast, LA and NYC, and hope to come to a town near you soon.


"Love Comes Back" is the first and current release.
"Fall" has been getting regular spins on 96 ROCK's locals only show (Atlanta).
you can stream audio at
an new CD is set for fall 03 release

Set List

An original setlist currently runs at about a 1 1/2 hrs. with anywhere from 8-15 songs. there's also a cover list that ranges from 80's rock (john cougar, rick springfield) to current favs (john mayer, U2).