Magnolia Sons

Magnolia Sons

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"the Mamas and Papas of soul" 11 retro, show-stoppin' soulsters. Nashville, TN: Music City, USA


Magnolia Sons is a nostalgic rock and soul group based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They are a 11-piece supergroup composed of artists and musicians from all over the United States. Their music is a tribute to the vintage sound of classic rock and soul from the 1960's and 1970's.

In the time of the resurgence of record collections, Magnolia Sons is both a throwback and a breath of fresh air. Inspired by The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops and the Temptations, Magnolia Sons have a sound that harkens back to the sound of 60s soulsters and American Band Stand, and as a 11 piece, they definitely fit the retro profile. While many older fans will recognize the sound from their own record collections, it is new for many of their younger fans who can be found dancing along to the catchy tunes at many of Nashvilles venues. 

"The Sons pull influence from the Stax and Volt and Motown catalogs, coating it with a smooth, upbeat, groove-laden delivery, catchy horn hooks and classic four-part harmonies about heartache." - Nashville Cream

What others are saying:

...a sanguine set of unflinchingly upbeat retro power-pop and greasy, maximum R&B ...bursts at its seams with life-embracing good vibes and enough infectious rhythm to inspire fevered responses to the bands calls for foot stomps and handclaps. - the Nashville Scene

Magnolia Sons performing "For Your Love" by the Yardbirds


Baby That's You

Written By: Harper, Elise, Aguirre

But if you wanna go, then baby that’s you
But if you’re gonna stay, you’ve got to stay true

It ain’t no mystery
We go the chemistry
But you be runnin’ ‘round making a fool of me

You wanna go baby, go ahead and roll baby
Before I got no soul to spend on your love
Then baby that’s you

So if you wanna go, baby that’s you
But if you wanna know, I’m keeping my cool

My soul is aching
My heart is breaking
But I keep giving love
And baby you keep taking
Our time is passing
I learned my lesson
And now I got no soul to spend on your love

Baby you keep on running
I’ve been crumbling
But my heart is waiting for much more
Baby than you

I Wanna Be Your Guy

Written By: Aguirre

He ain't tellin' you the truth; I wanna be your guy
(Open up your eyes, now)
He can't buy whatcha really need; I wanna be your guy
(Ain’t no denyin’)

Girl, you got yourself in a trance
With your old romance
I've been tryin' to get you
But you gotta take a chance

You don't have to look around; I wanna be your guy
(You know he ain’t lyin’)
Be mine and leave the rest behind; I wanna be your guy
(Oh Oh Its time now)

Girl, you got yourself in a trance
With your old romance
I've been tryin’ to get you
But you gotta take a chance

Its time that you realized; I wanna be your guy
(Can’t you finally see it?)
He’s only playing games with your heart; I wanna be your guy

That ain’t your kinda man
You should be my girl
I should be your guy

Pass On My Love

Written By: Harper, Aguirre

I’m at the end
I can’t pretend. I was feigning the mend
I’m just a fool
And I’m going to fall

I can recall, walking so tall
So why am I crawling on my knees?
Oh baby please. Don’t you want me at all?

How long?
How long will you...
Pass on my love?

Now you’re oh so unfair when you’re tossing your hair
And those clothes that you wear
Every little part of you is cool
Someday you’ll lose it all

How long?
How long will you...
Pass on my love?

Don’t pass on my love
(Don’t you miss out baby)
(How long)

That Jewel Of Mine

Written By: Austin Aguirre with Benjamin A. Harper

“That Jewel Of Mine”

She’s solid gold but soft to hold
Fine as wine; better than sunshine
Sweet as the honey in a hive
She’s the bee’s knees I can’t deny

That jewel of mine
Always on my mind
Hey yeah

She don’t explode, but I think she’s dynamite
Right as rain, starboard just the same
For her there ain’t no mountain too steep
My cup of tea, just right for me

That jewel of mine
Always on my mind
Hey yeah

I’ve been going through fool’s gold
Looking for a one of a kind
I’ve found her and I wouldn’t trade her for anything
I'd never. Never. Never lose that jewel of mine

How Ya Holdin' Up

Written By: Harper, Aguirre

Oh the day is done and now we gonna run right out the door
Leave it all behind we're gonna lose our mind out on the floor
Come on clap your hands and baby don’t just stand there looking on
As long as the music's playin' we'll be shakin all night long

So how ya holdin' up?
(Feelin' fine dressed to the nines; I'm down for more gonna stay on the floor)
How ya holdin' up?
(I cant lose in my dancin' shoes...)

Now its getting late but I'm a-feelin' great-- just getting started
Dancing on and on until the break of dawn-- g-get it on