Magnolia Brown

Magnolia Brown


Rock and Roll for the soul that jam's a little more!!!


We play Rock,Southern Rock and as labled many times "jam band"music. We would say we all have many influenes but in common that has mad its way to our sound would be The Allman Bros,The Band,Gov't mule,Widespread Panic,The Black Crowes for starters.We all love playin and most of us make a good living playing music. We love each other a have a special bond and knowledge of one another. So instead of being the next new sound or big thing its important that fans respect the band and notice that we think. Hopefully that doesn't nessicarily set us apart but shows through playing and feeding off one another and fans give that right back.


Find My Way(studio)
Dangerous Drug(Live)
She Caught Me(live)
The Crusier(live)
Ball and Chain(live) from a demo have been released on our website and we sell at shows."Find My Way"gets played on a weekly Local show in Sherveport Radio.Call and REQUEST!!

Set List

Seeing as how all of our shows are by ourselves mostly. We usually play 4 hours a night. We do Covers and originals. Covers consist of songs ranging from marvin gaye to zeppelin to the beatles to waylon jennings.WE have somewhere around 200 songs in our running sets.

Just some examples:
Kasmir-led zeppelin
sledgehammer-peter gabriel
whipping post-allman bros
soulshine-warren haynes
ain't life grand -Widespread panic
let's get it on-marvin gaye
higher ground-stevie wonder
wagon wheel-bob dylan/ocms
i shall be released-bob dylan
no quarter-led zeppelin
come together>something-beatles
maybe i'm amazed-paul mccartney
orange blossom-Mofro
one way out-allman bros
i feel good-james brown
alright now-free
plus many many many more!!