Magnolia Buckskin

Magnolia Buckskin

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Four female singer/songwriters join forces to create an acoustic quartet of sublime harmonies and refreshing original music. Magnolia Buckskin brings you a folk/roots blend with its eclectic members from Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Mandolin, banjo, accordion and guitar help round out the sound.


Magnolia Buckskin began with four original members: Emily Triggs, Kathy Cook, Natasha Platt and Marti Smith when they discovered a mutual passion for music and a blending of voices that was truly beautiful and unique. When Marti took a leave of absence, Corry Ulan stepped in to complete the band as it is today. The members are all singer/songwriters in their own right; each coming from her own different background.

In Magnolia Buckskin each of them takes a turn singing the lead vocal while the others sing harmonies. They accompany themselves on mandolin, banjo, guitar, accordion, bass and percussion. The sound is a collection of their influences and experience: folk/roots tinged with some bluegrass, pop and blues.

They say she can bend mandolin strings quicker than the Sundance Kid can pull his gun. Calgary music aficionado, Kathy Cook, is a multi instrumentalist (mandolin, guitar, bass, hand drums). Her sultry voice and songwriting abilities have won her praise as a mainstay on the scene who has nowhere to go but onwards on the dusty road of musical mayhem. Inspired by her love of Celtic, folk, roots and country music, Kathy has performed and recorded with a variety of musical artists and groups over the years, including the James Keelaghan Trio, Jenny Allen, Ruth Purves-Smith, Tim Williams, Ron Cassat, Ralph Boyd Johnson, Rose Hip, and Wilf Carter to name a few.

Natasha Platt has busked Europe’s cobblestone streets and has collected instruments from Germany to India. This multi-instrumentalist can play just about anything she takes a fancy to, including accordion, banjo and piano. She’s been writing songs and performing for many years as a soloist and with several local bands including Bufflehead, The Collective and the Bitumont Players. She’s known for her powerful vocals, unforgettable melodies and her ability to engage an audience.

Emily Triggs performed at family gatherings and parties since she was small enough to fit inside a guitar case. This bilingual beauty honed her natural talent in Hemmingford, Quebec, before heading out west to cut her teeth in Cowtown. She’s broken many guitar strings in Calgary bars over the last seven years, as the sweet side of the House Doctors, performing solo gigs or as one of the seraphs in the Fallen Angel Band. Her honest, authentic vocals win fans everywhere she sings her alt country music.

Corry Ulan started out as a classically trained pianist from Toronto and moved west to join the music scene. As part of "Nothin' But Trouble", "Slow Talkin' Walter" and "The Backyard Betties", Corry played banjo, guitar, clarinet and mandolin. Corry brings her quirky song writing to the honey and soul of Magnolia Buckskin.


Natasha Platt
(403) 244-3974

Emily Triggs
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Black Strap Molasses

Written By: Kathy Cook

Blackstrap molasses
Blackstrap……… Molasses
Blackstrap……… Molasses (softer 2nd time)

I was sooo tired
Back bent over knuckles on the ground
I talked my buddy and she said to me
Try black strap, black strap molasses
(it’ll bring back - - your energy)

‘Girls ( 3 part harmony over the next part)
Blackstrap……… Molasses
Blackstrap……… Molasses
Blackstrap……… Molasses etc…

You can eat it from a spoon
Put it in your milk
Rub it on your skin
Make it smooth as silk
That's black strap yeah molasses

It’s got magnesium, potassium and calcium too
…… Molasses is good for you
With copper, iron and vitamin B
That’s Black Strap, Black strap molasses,
(it’ll bring back - - - your energy)

‘Girls ( 3 part harmony over the next part)
Blackstrap……… Molasses
Blackstrap……… Molasses
Blackstrap……… Molasses etc…

It’ll calm your nerves
Prevent a heart attack
If your hair is grey
It’ll turn it back
Blackstrap, … Blackstrap molasses

OOOOHHHH ‘s Girls over top of
It’s said to improve your concentration
(it will increase you cir-cu-la-tion ohhh black strap)

‘Girls syncopated (3 part harmony over)
Blackstrap……… Molasses
Blackstrap……… Molasses
Blackstrap……… Molasses etc…
(joining with the 3 part harmony above)


1) Released May 2010:

*Magnolia Buckskin (self-titled, full-length CD)
*Listen to tracks at
*Disc available on CD Baby and iTunes
*Received radio play on CKUA, CJSW and CBC

2) Released December 2010

*Magnolia Buckskin- A Christmas Pair
(Christmas single- two songs available on CD Baby)

Set List

Mobile Line
I Had it All
Black Strap Molasses
Edge of the Water
Big Black Lake
Do You really Want
Cripple Creek/ABBA
My Boy
No Water
Big Red Barn
Runaway Train
Eight More Miles
Spiller Road
Banjo Song
Banish Misfortune
Die laughing
Passing Gossip