Magnolia Electric Co.

Magnolia Electric Co.


Jason Molina ushers in a new day, with the sort of rock that your cool uncle rolled to in the ‘70s. Landing somewhere on the radar sonically between Dylan’s Desire and Seger’s Beautiful Lose. The M EC lies at the crossroads of working class rock, white soul, swamp rock and outlaw country.


Born in Oberlin Ohio, grew up in Lorain, Ohio and southern West Virginia. The musical environments of the hard rock midwest and the appalachian musical tradition of west virginia were deeply felt and absorbed by me. The steel mill and ship building town of Lorain, with its violent weather, poor economy, and railroads across it all have gone right into the music.

Spent mid 1980's-1990 in various musical projects including metal bands which mainly played in Cleveland Ohio, along side of these projects were the first versions of the material which became Songs:Ohia.
Songs:ohia is named after the Hawaiian Ohia tree.


Songs: Ohia
Hecla & Griper
Axxess & Ace
The Lioness
Ghost Tropic
Didn’t It Rain
Mi Sei Apparaso Come Un Fantasma
Magnolia Electric Co.
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