Magnum Octopus

Magnum Octopus

 Denton, Texas, USA

Magnum Octopus is an instrumental rock quartet. Progressive elegance meets punk frustration.


Magnum Octopus formed in the Spring of 2007 in Denton, Texas. The rhythm section of Chris and Chris previously played together in Phalanx and Peter answered their personal ad looking for a guitarist. The first lineup of the band was rounded out by guitarist Ted Wood and this combination played live shows around North Texas before flaming out shortly after Ted left town in late Summer 2008.

The band re-formed in September 2010 with guitarist Gino Palencia replacing Mr. Wood.


One song appeared on the Denton Deluxe Vol 4 compilation and the 'Band Practice 2007' demo has been passed hand-to-hand and is available on Last.FM