...the rest of America rock and its overwhelming mediocrity just lost its excuse." -Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover, NYC


What's that coming down the street?
An unassuming radiant energy, faint at first glance.
Then that sound just hits you: a throaty burble,
unmistakeable when you know it; sounds of Sleepwalker emanate throughout. "A member of the experimental indie cadre," you think. The colors and aural textures, while rich, are subtle. What you might call "inconspicuous consumption."
Not everyone is going to notice.

You've gotten used to this by now, haven't you?
Magnus- Sleepwalker (Nefarious 2004) with a snazzy digipak, orange with black trim. Uncommon fabric, substantial appearance, has depth, yet light and soft. Complex, subdued colors evoke an imagery of genius.
Those who know will know, those who don't, won't. I didn't create the situation, that's just the way it is.
Regular price: $11
One size fits all.
Sleepwalker is composed of light and dark tones, medium and dark nuances, touches of cream and blurry surrealism. Your ear swears it's going to feel pebbly against your skin, but it doesn't.

Magnus is a band from Chicago
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SEE the video for the song "Broken" by clicking here:

Self titled EP released May 2002-
Fever Pitch and July are consistantly played on Q101 Chicago.

LP release titled Sleepwalker April 2004
Various cuts from this record are on's High Fidelity playlist, internet radio Italy and Spain

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SEE the video for the song "Broken" by clicking below: