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Magnus Haze has been around for years, but they've probably flown somewhere under your radar. For a decade its been an on and off thing, split by the desire to make music and the need to play out life's more real roles. At times they did it for a laugh and at others for real, they've spent time in the basement and then rep'd it on stage, and more than once life has taken it away and given it all back. For the core three its been ten years and a lot of life. And now its 2009 and the story has come full circle as time and circumstance have aligned to favor a MGH reunion. Its a natural and welcome repeat and one that hints, yes, maybe these guys are supposed to be together doing this.

Its Fall and the last nine months have been spent under dusty Halifax floorboards. Classically 'basement' and oddly inspiring, its been a curious mix of dirty and clean, focus and gag, and noise with occasional pause. The environment has been perfect and new music has been free-flowing, but chemistry more than space is probably the reason. Ten years, a pair of cousins and a best friend. At this point pre-empting the next note seems as natural as not sleeping... jams spawn ideas and ideas springboard into song. Maybe its best to label it yourself. We could simply say its rock, but its not. Or that there's some jam, lots of groove, it gets funky, even poppy, or that if you close your eyes it might feel something like a ferris wheel... we could say that too, but it'd be pretty vague now wouldn't it.

Its new and unheard so for now the juries out; the neighbors living to the right apparently hate them, but their friends seem to dig... maybe its time to listen and weigh in.


Magnus Haze - Self Titled
June 20, 2009

1. Hollywood
2. In Sound
3. Seconds
4. Reasons
5. The Trail
6. Loop

Full Length Release - November 2009



Set List

The MGH Set:

Run time: 1-1.5 hours. Consists of approximately 15 original songs.

Typical Set:
Free Style Jam
In Sound
He Said She Said
The New Jazz
The Trail
Mello-Crazy Jam
La Bella

The performance builds and falls, kicks off adapts to its environment, if the crowd is vibing the band odds are the songs will be expand, grow, build up and crash down..

"Like a roller coasters ride you can dance to" - Moe the Cat