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North Hollywood, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | AFTRA

North Hollywood, CA | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2003
Duo Rock Alternative


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MAGNUSON @ Silverlake Lounge

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States


Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland

Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland


Varsinais-Suomi, Finland

Varsinais-Suomi, Finland



"The Magnuson sound is turgid and dense...less Zep and more Sabbath. This is not a stripped-down sound, laid bare, simple for the sake of being simple. This is two point sources being stretched out to fill a void with energy and a fair share of grime. There's nothing wrong with that." - The Vinyl Anachronist

" album of poppy progressiveness...there are...catchy, interesting and diverse songs to be experienced here. "Crash of Cassini" has moments that lock in your head..." - Nocturnalcult

"I was actually blown away by what these two could themselves... "Crash Of Cassini” hides a selection of melodic and genuine gems..." - Bring On Mixed Reviews

"Magnuson’s greatest strength is their use of unusual and clever chord of the alt-rock should consider picking it up..." - Reporter Online

"This tremendous duo gives off some powerful vibes that clearly show they love the music they create..."Crash of Cassini" is the work of two people who desperately want you to understand their passion and desire to produce heavy riffs fronted by downright frightening lyrics...there should be now doubt that they are one of the most exciting acts of this year..." - FensePost

...Magnuson took the stage in a frenzy, opening up with a more artistic style. However uninspiring the opening bands were, artistic validity was redeemed, as Magnuson set themselves apart from others on the bill by playing kick-ass rock. The bassist was killin' his fretless bass, as his hands flew across the fret board. Their song structures were complex, in regards to time changes and composition. If one gave a careful listen, you could hear the complicated bass lines set the backdrop, as the drummer drove the beat. The guitar was heavily distorted, similar to Kill Me Tomorrow's sounds, just a lot harder and faster. The dynamics between the male bassist and female guitarist created an etheral sound that rocked as well a entertained. There lyrical content had depth, and vocal harmonies enticed the listener. The composition had sustenance, it was something you could remember. - Skratch Magazine

Magnuson plays Solloto
Magnuson, a Star Rising?

By J.D. Hawk

One week after performing before celebrities at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas, the San Diego based rock band "Magnuson" gave a special performance for their core supporters in Chula Vista at EastLake's Caffe Solotto on December 13. "You're supposed to make eye contact and be all flirty," Greg Magnuson, group founder, said about his engaging style of performance.

But Magnuson's "flirting" in Las Vegas happened to be with a girl in the front row wearing heavy eye make-up, somebody with an impressive entourage. Her name? Paris Hilton. She was accompanied by rock stars Tommy Lee and Pink and they stayed for the group's complete performance. Magnuson said he enjoyed wooing her from the stage but claims he didn't know who she was at the time and stopped short of formal introductions. "She had a lot of very big body guards," he said.

The home town crowd was delighted to hear the story but really came to hear the group's alternative music, which some have compared to Radiohead, Tool and The Cure.

But to classify Magnuson isn't easy. With their cryptic lyrics based in apocalyptic doctrine, one may need to have a background in both the biblical book of Revelation and secret society conspiracy theories. Beware, the anti-christ is here and he wants to put a computer chip into your hand (sign of the beast). The cover of their CD even has a giant bar code on the front alluding to that theory. But the group is more than one dimensional, singing of love--or rather, love gone bad, stalking and occasionally cursing and swearing to emphasize a point. This may throw a curve ball to anyone about to classify them as Christian Rock. "This is what evokes the emotion and this is what I want to say. Maybe we should make it more palatable. But it is what it is," Magnuson said with artistic pride.

Magnuson said, however, that the words are secondary to the music itself and refused any definite labels, perhaps out of marketing savvy or just as likely, because the group is still being defined. Yes, they are good, they are confident, they work together smoothly but do they have an identity? Some have simply put them in a box called "Otherworldly", a word that also appears in their press release packet. But...

Greg Magnuson: "Otherworldly? I don't think I know what that means. It's kind of New Wavy, but with some angry punk."

Kyrsten Hopkins: "No! It's Alternative Rock!"

Greg Magnuson: "It's Alternative Punk."

Kyrsten Hopkins: "No, it's not Punk at all!"

Greg Magnuson: "We're not the typical Punk band, Alternative or Grunge band. We don't even listen to Grunge... Progressive? We are Edge Rock because we cover such a broad emotional spectrum."

Kyrsten Hopkins : "Ah yes. Beautiful."

Even if they decide to call themselves Polka, the overriding themes of doom, desperation and anger are what resonate in the troubling words. They bite you, gnawing at your sense of security, pushing out of your comfort zone while the soothing rhythm pulls you back in, lulling the you into a blissful sense of mesmerizing melancholy . Yes, it's the end of the world, but it's so oddly fantastic! Helicopter sounds are heard in the background... Are they coming to get you? Is this Orson Wells' 1984? Here comes the chopper to chop off your head! Background news reporters are heard discussing Israel's Six Day War, a milestone in end-of-the-world prophecy. It doesn't matter, though, because Kyrsten gives a haunted smile. Is she flirting, or merely engaging the audience. Anxiety dissipates. Matt Guthrie, drummer and group dynamo, spins his sticks, showing off. Guthrie could care less that the anti-christ is lurking around because he's in a happy-go-lucky mode.

Closing out the performance at Cafe Solloto, Magnuson gives a thanks to his loyal following, lets them know about where the next concert will be held and remembers to leave them always wanting more. "Next time we all perform naked," he promised.

To hear the music of Magnuson, go to

Contact J.D. Hawk - The Lake - Chula Vista, CA 1/04

Guitar player’s website announces Kyrsten of the band 'Magnuson' as first member-spokesmodel and Kyrsten, lead guitarist from San Diego band “Magnuson” are teaming up to promote the $10,000 Habitat for Humanity Challenge.
(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 17, 2008 ) Dallas, TX - and Kyrsten, lead guitarist from San Diego band “Magnuson” are teaming up to promote the $10,000 Habitat for Humanity Challenge.

“We chose Kyrsten for several reasons,” says Sean Hansen, editor of “She’s a killer guitar player, she’s a member at our site, she’s uber-hot, her band rocks, and she’s all in all a really cool chick. So, we’re going to put her face out there to help grow our site, promote Habitat for Humanity, and get her band noticed. It’s a win-win-win-win, the fourth win being whoever eventually receives the benefits from Habitat for Humanity as a result of our contribution.”

The Habitat for Humanity challenge is a combination membership drive and fundraiser. If gets 10,000 members on its site in 2008, they will donate $10,000 to Habitat for Humanity by the end of the year.

“Habitat for Humanity is undoubtedly our favorite charity. Everyone needs a home, and Habitat gives people who are down on their luck a chance to work together with others to build themselves a home,” offers John Kirkwood, webmaster of Infamous Guitar. “You can’t beat it. They’re technically a charity, but they don’t give handouts, they give hands-up. Which we all need from time to time.”

Kyrsten’s band, Magnuson, is going places. They’ve toured nationally, and are getting lots of air time on the college stations with their single “Strange Lights". Their music video "Hopeless Rerun" generated industry accolades in the Rock Star 98.7 video competition. “Just listen to them, ad you’ll hear a band that actually manages to take the three-piece rock trio to a new place,” offers Hansen. “I’m glad we get to say ‘we knew them when…’ ”. has just begun its first monthly guitar solo competition in May 2008, and has already had over a half million pages viewed on its site. Many guitar players and fans from the now-complete 2007 Guitar Center King of the Blues competition have migrated to, and its membership has grown into the hundreds, primarily through word-of-mouth viral marketing. expects thousands of members and millions of unique visitors during its 2008-2009 Online Guitar Solo Contest.

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Still working on that hot first release.



"The most musical mayhem ever created by a girl and a boy."  Comprised of Greg and Kyrsten Magnuson, this dynamic duo has collectively been known to play drums, guitar, bass, cello, and keyboards live all while performing beautifully intricate harmonies.  Specializing in doing more with less, they bring their unique "White Stripes meets Metallica" brand of progressive  indie-rock  wherever it is needed.  As one devotee commented on Youtube: "Jack White just sent this vid to his mom, he wrote- 'Sorry ma, this is what we should have sounded like."'

September 2016 is the scheduled release for the band's 5th recorded offering.  The title is still a secret but this selection of songs takes us further down the rabbit hole this band so loves to explore.  Featuring 13 brand new tracks, it is set to launch with their scheduled to return to Scandinavia for the 5th year in a row.  Visiting Live at Heart in Örebro Sweden, Kiarama in Pori Finland, as well as additional TBD dates, this tour is poised to be yet another amazing experience. Previous years have led them to Tallin Estonia, Riga Latvia, Maraca Club in Mallorca, Spain, Sweden, Finland, and The
Netherlands with such a positive response that they keep asking for more.

Magnuson casts a wide net focusing on domestic touring as well.  2009 and 2011 took them on tours of the west coast traveling through Utah, Idaho, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and Sacramento proving they had what it takes to contend in the indie-rock/DIY world.  When not on tour, Magnuson plays some of the best clubs around Los Angeles like The Troubadour, House of Blues, Key Club, Viper Room, Silverlake Lounge, Federal Bar, and any other So Cal hot-spots.  These have generated buzz galore and energized their fan base leading some to describe them as 'one of the most exciting acts..."

In 2011, this power-duo released their second LP "Crash of Cassini" which showcased their use of "unusual and clever chord progressions".  Highlights include "Dying To See" and "Real Control" as well as many other tracks featuring their ground-breaking audio assault tactics.  Other past milestones include “Strange Lights” receiving airplay on San Diego’s The Local 94.9 radio program and their music video for "Hopeless Rerun" generating industry accolades in the Rock Star 98.7 video competition.

Listen to the songs and watch the live video, you won't be disappointed.   In the mean time, Magnuson will be in their shelter finishing an exciting new concept album and honing their fighting skills. "If you are hearing this message, we have food, water, shelter, and excellent music."...end transmission.

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