Magnus Rose

Magnus Rose


Danceable mixes in the 110-130 BPM range.


Magnus Rose is a DJ and music producer based in Los Angeles. With productions across many genres, no particular style is out-of-bounds for Magnus.

Following the release of the 'Blue Dream' EP in 2012, Magnus turned his attention away from grunge-influenced dream rock towards a more mellow electronic sound. This led to the 'Magnus Beach' recordings which include the track Atlantis/Lemuria, a tribute to the Mellotron.

Late in 2012, Magnus announced work on a full length album, titled 'The Dirty Dozen' for release in 2013. The album will feature 13 tracks, and will explore various areas in the electronic music spectrum.


The Dirty Dozen (2013/TBD)
Magnus Beach (2012/06)
Blue Dream (2012/04)
After Tonight/Before Tomorrow (2010/12)