MAG Project

MAG Project

 Québec, Quebec, CAN

A perfect blend of guitar, jazz-fusion and metal inside melodic and technical instrumental music. A show that's energetic and in your face. ----- Un habile mélange de métal et de jazz-fusion à l’intérieur de pièces instrumentales à la fois mélodiques et techniques. Un spectacle énergique et intense.


MAG is a guitar player from Quebec city, Canada, who earned his reputation through his professionalism, versatility, work ethics, showmanship and playing skills. It’s no wonder his career is booming. With his band, MAG Project, he presents a blend of metal and jazz-fusion inside melodic and technical instrumental songs. Think of a blend between Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, with a touch of jazz. His show is energetic and in your face, putting MAG on the way to becoming Quebec’s own guitar hero.

“... his music is well constructed, beautifully melodic, and replete with the delightful contrasts missing in so much guitar-based music.”

“On his latest self-published CD...we hear light and shade; we hear shifts in tempo and feel; we feel emotions from a deep well. And MAG does this without sacrificing the electric thrills generated by his musical predecessors Steve Vai and Joe Satriani – certainly his peers in every way.”

- Muzik Etc magazine

MAG is curently preparing to record his second instrumental release. This second album will feature Quo Vadis’ drummer Yanic Bercier, who was featured at the 2007 Montreal DrumFest. MAG continues to promote his instrumental work doing shows and internet promotion while giving guitar lessons and playing for a variety of bands.

MAG has developped a taste for diversity playing for a wide array of artists ranging from pop singers to death metal bands. He has been firstly known for playing with power metal band Forgotten Tales, producing his own brand of metal-jazz-fusion with his own band, and later playing with death metal band Quo Vadis. Along the way, MAG has worked with a lot of artists, among those, Paul Di’Anno (Iron Maiden’s original singer) has had the chance of having him as a bandmember. MAG is also currently a member of an Iron Maiden tribute as well as a tribute to Scorpions.

It is after completing his bachelor’s degree in jazz interpretation that MAG recorded his first CD. Produced in a completely independent manner, recording at home, and taking charge of everything from producing to mixing the entire album. And MAG is now ready to unleash the second one, venturing even more in the extremes in metal and jazz-fusion.

The release of the record led to many things. Among those, MAG made the cover of nationally distributed magazine Muzik Etc and also ended up as opening act for Yngwie J. Malmsteen on his 2006 canadian tour. Indeed, MAG Project opened for Malmsteen, as official supporting act for all the canadian dates of his tour. MAG also had the opportunity of opening for a lot of bands passing through his province. Thus, MAG was there opening for Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Nightwish, Gamma Ray, Kamelot, Dragonforce, Angra, Arena, Doro, Therion, Kataklysm. And finally, 2007 also saw MAG touring Europe with Quo Vadis.

So there you have it, MAG, session guitarist and teacher, has played the large venues of the province and beyond and will continue to do so. He has played hundreds of shows, with many different artists in a lot of different styles. Now that the second album is under way, things can just get bigger. MAG will finish recording and continue to promote his instrumental music, making sure things continue in the right direction. Thus, watch for MAG playing with his own band and with Quo Vadis.


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MAG est un guitariste de Québec, qui a bâti sa réputation grâce à son professionalisme, sa versatilité, son éthique de travail, sa présence sur scène son talent à la guitare. Ce n’est donc pas surprenant que sa carrière soit en plein essor. Avec son groupe, MAG Project, il présente un habile mélange de métal et de jazz-fusion à l’intérieur de pièces instrumentales à la fois mélodiques et techniques. Imaginez un mélange de Joe Satriani, Steve Vai et Dream Theater, avec une bonne touche de Jazz. Son spectacle est énergique et de haut calibre, mettant MAG sur la voie de devenir le « guitar hero » du Québec.

« …sa musique est bien construite, merveilleusement mélodique et remplie de contrastes délectables trop souvent absent de la musique à base de guitare. »

« Sur son dernier CD autoproduit, MAG, on entend la lumière et l’ombre, on entend des variations dans le tempo et dans le feel et on ressent des émotions profondes. Et MAG fait ça sans sacrifier les frissons électriques issus de ses prédécesseurs musicaux Steve Vai et Joe Satriani, ses véritables pairs. »

- Magazine Muzik Etc.

MAG se prépare présentement pour l’enregistrement de son deuxième album instrumental. Celui-ci inclura Yanic Bercier, batteur pour le groupe Quo Vadis, qui fut mis en vedette lors du DrumFest de Montréal en 2007. MAG continue de promouvoir sa musique intrumentale en utilisant l’internet et en se produisant en spectacle tout en continuant à donner des cours de guitare et à jouer avec différents groupes et artistes.

Reconnu pour sa diversité, MAG a joué avec un la


MAG Project (2004)
MAG Project - first album remastered (in production)
MAG Project - Friction (in production)

Set List

1 hour of original material
30 minutes of covers songs
Total of 1h30 total show possible

1 heure de matériel original
30 minutes de reprises
Spectacle de 1h30 possible