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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Hip Hop Blues


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Reviews: MAGoolies: WTFisaMAGoolie"

Techno band MAGoolies hail from Pennsylvania, with a unique sound blending different styles and elements to create a music style of their own. With their new mixtape WTFisaMAGoolie, this band is ready to bring their enduring songs to the masses. Despite some shortcomings in the vocal department, this band knows how to create memorable music that sticks in your brain and doesn’t easily let go.

“Daydreaming” has a nice, breezy feel that is catchy. The rapping isn’t bad, but the singing in the chorus is subpar. Despite the singing, the pleasant beat makes up for the deprived vocals and saves the song from being forgettable. “Dogma” is an upbeat song with 80's synthesizers perfectly complemented with on-point rapping skills, but again the poor singing brings a sour note to the composition. An off-key, bored sounding voice sing-talks the lyrics “I feel so alone, I’m so far from home” over and over again, and feels out of place alongside the other more successful parts of the song. A voice in a megaphone introduces the MAGoolies in their next song “Your Welcome,” then blaring horns and a fast-tempo beat comes in. The beat is catchy, but the rapping is all over the place in this particular track and is out of sync with the backing instrumentation. This makes for a semi-confusing song with too much going on at the same time. It gets tedious after awhile, and may cause the listener to lose interest. The song would work better if it were simpler– less brass instrumentation, slower rhyming, or less of the ghastly singer croaking the words “Your Welcome” in the chorus.

The MAGoolies have a great sound, with unique beats and interesting instrumentation in their songs. Along with the hot beats are some great rapping skills. The most disappointing element of their music is the singing– there needs to be improvement in this area to bring the band’s music up to the level it needs to be at for success. With some changes and revision, this band has the talent and drive to make a mark in the music world. - Amped Sounds


Still working on that hot first release.



We are The MAGwolies. A musical hip hop duo with two members named Barey and Xany Brainy. There is surplus of emotion bleeding through our songs of our lives. We are from Philadelphia, yet there is a universal sound that cannot be categorized. Xany Brainy is an incredible artist that would say the same for Barey. Original sound allows us to create songs about being broke, not being accepted in everyday society, and frustration with the oppositions.

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