Mahagony Party Band

Mahagony Party Band

 Merrillville, Indiana, USA
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For something different, classy, entertaining and high energy, Mahagony is best. Mahagony has exceptional voices and can sing Motown, Country, Classics and Hip Hop better than most groups. They are back by talented musicians that can play any genre of music and the energy level is through the roof,


Mahagony formed in 2004 as an entity to perform for corporate events, private events and country clubs. Even though these ladies have been friends for over 15 years and periodically sat in together to sing for various bands, the group never form as a unit until 2004. They perform with the AJacks band and have grown into sought out recording artists. For more information visit our web site at www.bandsandorchestrasunlimited. or call 219-746-6662


Don't Be Fron'n Me

Written By: Grace and Dwight Smith

Don’t Be Fron’in Me

Hey baby come over here and kiss me
So, you’re with the boys, don’t even try and dis me
I show I love you boy and you think that ain’t cool
But that’s not how it is when I’m with the girls
I’m not ashame to let them know you rock my world
You know you love me now, so don’t be a fool
And come get your girl

Your boys are all down
But down ever use me
If you persist
You might have to lose me
The boys are in line waiting for your girl
No shame in their game and they won’t think of your name boy
Hey boy, don’t be fron’in me
I’m yours and not an ass you see
Hey boy give me some respect
A woman that won’t take no neglect

Why you wanna be my babe when we’re alone
But when you’re with the boys you act like it’s all wrong
You’ve turned player boy and I know that ain’t cool
I love you more boy than you’ll ever know
But all this fron’in gonna make me turn and go
You know you love me now so why are you being a fool


Can't Stop

Written By: Richard Roebuck

Can’t Stop

Oh ----- I can make you happy
You may be doubtful sometimes
But I can reassure
My love is more
Than any other kind
Oh------ I believe in giving
I can’t be wasting my time no no ------
So, I keep searching for that open door
That leads to peace of mind

Chorus: (2x)
Can’t Stop
What I’m doing
What I’m doing to you
Can’t Stop turning you on

Oh I can see the flames of burning passion
When I look in your eyes yes yes oh yes
Are you afraid to feel
What you know is real
Like any other guy
Oh playing with my heart will get you nothing
You’ve got to come on inside
My heart’s an open door
Who could ask for more
Come on in for a ride


My heart’s an open door
Who could ask for more
Come on in for a ride
I can reassure my love is more
Than any other kind


Ad lib……vamp


Can't Stop
Don't Be Fron'n Me
Being Free
Work Me

All songs are being played or have been play by internet radio stations.

Set List

Beat It Michael Jackson
Funky Town Lipps Inc.
Evacuate the Dance Floor Cascada
Irreplaceable Beyonce’
Hot Stuff Donna Summer
Bad Girl Donna Summer
Hero Mariah Carey
Gonna Make You Sweat C & C Music Factory
LeFreak Chic
Paparazzi Lady GaGa
Coming In and Out of Your Life Barbara Streisand
Don’t Stop the Music Rihanna
Nine To Five Dolly Parton
Halo Beyonce’
Vogue Madonna
How Do I Live Without You LeAnn Rimes
Believe Cher