Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

My music is something new and different than anything you are currently listening too. You are going to enjoy listening too my music from the production to the lyrics. I have a different story that has never been heard before. Anyone listening can make a connection to my music that can change lives


Amon Started rapping 3 years ago after he broke his heel skateboarding. Music was also around him and the time off his skateboard he invested time in music. Ever since then he has not stopped making music out of his own room. He mixes and masters everything he does. He has had success with numerous songs from party songs to songs with a real and sincere message. He has a variety of songs for all aspects of life and is still on the rise with a bright future to come. Amon does not cuss in his music at all due to his moms rules. He said as long as he lives in her house he will abide by her rules. Furthermore Amon continues to skate and make music and is sponsored by Rosewood Skateshop in San Diego and also attends Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia


Going Bananas - Single
Frostbite, California - Mixtape
Pharaohs Music - Mixtape
Slap Me Pt. 1 - Ep
Dream Work - September 16
Prince Amon - October 2013

Set List

1. We$$ Up - Amon
2. My City - Amon
3. Light Me Up - Amon
4. Dont Stop - Amon
5. Lets Get Active - Amon