mahni-xan & The Xanadu Band

mahni-xan & The Xanadu Band


mahni-xan's music is best described as "nouveau blue" - moody, cinematic and soulful. It's a tasteful blend of vintage textures and progressive tones. Eclectic. Sublime.


mahni-xan is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Los Angeles. She grew up in a jazz household and was trained in classical music. In her early twenties, mahni-xan began to write and arrange her own music and lyrics, weaving her personal experiences, travels, and loves into a tapestry that would become her debut album, THE POSSIBILITY (released December 2007 on West Edge Records).

She is currently working on original music for her second record.


THE POSSIBILITY, released December 2007. Tracks streaming on,, iTunes, and

Set List

New Songs from the upcoming Record THE STORY:
1. Weaver
2. Hitherto
3. Magic In The Dark
4. The Oracle
5. Temple Song
6. Pachamama

Other songs include original music from debut album THE POSSIBILITY, jazz standards, and traditional World Music.

Sets run approximately one hour.