Mahogany Frog

Mahogany Frog

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Mahogany Frog is a quartet of four gents involved in severe hybridizing to various degrees and capacities, but what they're doing isn't easily classified. Just back from a trip in Feb. 2012 to Sao Paulo Brasil, the band is well rehearsed and excited to release their new album "Senna" this summer!


Mahogany Frog is a recording/touring band. The music draws influence from an array of genres: electronica, progressive rock, jazz, late 50's "ultra" lounge, ambient/experimentalism. With the use of a plethora of keyboards (both analogue & digital), feedback-ridden guitars, fuzz-bass and walls of electronic samples, the group creates a tube-saturated, highly overdriven jazz-rock, usually performed at extremely high decibels and with an enormous amount of energy. The music itself can be both challenging and soothing to the listener: stabbing riffs using unusual notes and time signatures often dissolve into lush electro-soundscapes, and straightforward, rhythmic interludes can merely lay the foundation for syncopated counter-melodies or sound effects. The orchestration of the instruments are unorthodox at times: using complex modal progressions or phrases as a basis for experimentations in arrangement, the rhythm and lead sections trade roles quickly and often. Musically speaking, the four members of Mahogany Frog have the tendency to spread themselves thin, as they attempt to tackle slicing leads and warm backdrops simuntaneously. Live, the songs all flow together, creating a steady bombardment of highly progressive, exciting music that explores countless moods and ideas. .. ..


Senna 2012
Do5 march 2008
On Blue 2005
VS Mabus 2004