Mahogany, The Artist

Mahogany, The Artist

 Dallas, Texas, USA
SoloJazzNeo Soul

Mahogany, the Artist is a sultry Jazz vocalist with original vocal stylings rating from Big Band Swing to pure Soul. With classic hits like "Suddenly" and bumpin' cuts like "One Step", she and her extraordinary band JamBox are a combination of energetic vocals and smart musicianship that is sure to be a musical delight


For the eyes of a man, for the heart of a woman: Mahogany is a true artist for any music advocate to love. Candace "Mahogany" Miller is a native of Dallas, TX (Richardson). She has been a vocalist all of her life, playing both piano and drums, while keeping a steady hand in writing and production. Mahogany and her band JAMBOX bring to you unforgettable performances that features an amazing mix of jazz, soul, and even a bit of blues, infusing tunes you know and love with original material they had made popular on the music scene. She has frequented clubs and restaurants locally including, Dallas Museum of Art, Buttons Restaurant, Sandaga Jazz, Devine Wine, Brooklyn Jazz, and was a weekly performer at former Sambuca Jazz (Addison), She has been honored to be featured with artist such as Roy Hargrove, Texas Tenor Jason Davis, Jazz Vet Roger Boykin, and she has shared a stage with greats like smooth Jazz artist David Sanborn, The Late Great Marchel Ivrey, Organist Soul Man Red Young, band leader Joe Firstman, and Blood Sweat and Tears member and classic rock artist Bill Tillman. Mahogany has stretched her soul vocals singing back ground with world-renowned bass player Foley (Miles Davis/Joni Mitchel/Chaka Khan). She  graced the stage with percussionist Victor Orlando (GAP band, Tina Marie, Chaka Khan) live in Dallas and has also recently served as Music Director for artist Dani Mimms (Klymaxx) live in Dallas. Mahogany has been a featured vocalist in the super GOGO Band, under the direction of 5-time Grammy Award winner Shaun Martin (7 Summers, Snarky Puppy) for the past six years. 

Mahogany is an educator and motivator. She has recently pioneered an amazing movement and her biggest dream, The Jazz BeCuzz Arts Group and Center. This improvisational driven school of thought is quickly becoming a nation wide arts movement for families. While teaching students ranging in age from 3 to 95, she is still making headway in the industry through her own recording and through collaborations. Mahogany's Debut CD titled JAMBOX (click here) is currently distributed digitally world-wide. Mahogany‚Äôs national and international journey has lead to several prestigious performances including the various city and state political events, striking performances with the Stage Band South Big Band, playing for the Mexican Consulate (featured vocalist with Jason Davis Jazz Band), Jazz in Pink, taking the stage at the House of Blues in LA and playing privately for many elected officials throughout the years. Her music can be heard as far as Russia via both internet and mainstream radio and her voice has been featured on movie sound tracks including YOU GOT SERVED, KINGS RANSOM and SOUL PLANE. Mahogany is a staff writer, producer and engineer with the Dallas Track Factory. You can hear and purchase Mahogany on the most recent release HER SONG Vol. 1 (click here)  and is currently recording her next feature project with award winning producer Shaun Martin (Winter 2016)


Inner Beauty - A Song for Ced

Written By: Candace Miller

Slim and Tall, he seems to make
all of the fellas mock him when he strolls
His head is high
And nothing can slow his pride
Cause he has it in his head
Momma said...

"Boy You're my pride and joy
You ain't like other Boys
They'll try to turn you around
Cause what you've got
They haven't found"

No one's fool, he keeps his cool
The girls, they giggle as he passes them
He smiles within
Look at him!


Mahogany, The Artist- Credits:
1995 Oak Cliff Assassin Hit on the Hitman/Lock Down Records Production
2000 Halusanation Crook/Limp-a-Lot Records Production
2000 Nemesis Munchies for your Bass, Da Return [PA] Writing/Vocal Arranging/Vocals
2001 Yakonxious Process Of Illumination [PA] by Yakonxious/IKS Records Vocals
2001 Millennium Process Of Illumination [PA] by Yakonxious/IKS Records Vocals/Production
2003 Curtis Stephan Born to Us - Curtis Stephan - Christmas CD Vocals
2004 SlumpMasters SOUNDTRACK - You Got Served Vocals
2005 SlumpMasters SOUNDTRACK - King's Ransom Vocals
2006 NM Shabazz Jazz was His name - Film Production/Music Arrangement
2006 Room Temperature Things Change Voice Over
2007 Tina Citizen Unconditional Love Production/Arrangement/Vocals
2007 EPIK 7 READ Vocal Arrangements/Vocals
2007 Big Aziz Bromitzva Vocals
2007 Brother Rob The Gift Vocal Arrangements/Vocals
2007 Cash Love So Real Vocals
2007 Jakia Loved By You Vocal Arrangements/Vocals
2007 ATON REUNIFY Vocals
2007/2008 Jakia Fever Vocals

Love's Taken You (Single 2003)
This LifeTime (Single - 2005)
Dont Forget (Christmas Single - 2006)
Jam Box (2008)

Set List

PRESENTING: MAhogany, The Artist "JAMBOX"
SET ONE: (45mins)
Where Shadows Fall
4/5 Sway
The Avenue
Now and Then
She Knows
Sophisticated Lady (Cover)
Only Speaking For Me
Stop Look and Listen
Inner Beauty

SET TWO: (45 min)
Funk Groove
Autumn Leaves (Cover)
Choice and Change
Let's Dance
Right Own
Stressin (Outro)

A Cover set MIGHT include (but is not limited to)
What A Difference A Day Makes
All of Me
All The Things You Are
But Not For Me
Take the "A" Train
Stormy Weather

Dont Know Why
Sweetest Taboo
What You Won't Do For Love
At Last
Sweet Thang
Been So Long
Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay
The Way
For All We Know

Dr Feel Good
No Pain No Gain
As We Lay
Clean Up Woman
Proud Mary
Car Wash
Tell Me Something Good