Los Angeles, California, USA

Originally from New York, Mahrs always had a guitar and a song close to her heart. She attended Berklee College of Music and now lives in Los Angeles working on her 4th EP.


Mahrs is a songwriter originally from New York, now based in Los Angeles, developing her own sound apart from the rest.

Her influences range from Norah Jones to Imogen Heap but, would honestly like to remain as individual sounding as possible.

While attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mahrs studied guitar, vocal and music business. She was also in a successful rock band getting to open up for acts like Alice Cooper and MDMFK.

The band was featured on an Epic Records release for the school, along with a feature on the Oxygen Network for a 'Women in Rock' series.

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For You

Written By: Mariam Joan

For You
Copyright Mahrs Music

I woke up this morning
Looking for a change to
Move away from my past
But, all these smoke and mirrors
Need to go away so I can
See the truth and make it last

For you, I'll try
To never question, my heart again

And like the end of an epic movie
That'll make you cry
It's the turn of the page unknown
And that's apart of life
And all these questions seem to Signify the change going on with me
And the turning point in my life

I Am the One

Written By: Mariam Joan

I Am the One
Copyright Mahrs Music

I'm trying to comprehend
What've just heard
My friend said you had moved
I didn't know why, was there a reason?
What can I do?

I remember on that day
There were so many things I had to say

Like, don't you know
I am the one?
And if you ever feel like you're missing something
You don't have to run
Don't you know, I am the one?

Somebody help me
Just stand right here beside me
Because my heart is beating
A little too loudly
And I can't even hear anyone at all

And now I know you here
There's just one thing I have to make clear

Lesson Learned

Written By: Mariam Joan

Lesson Learned
Copyright Mahrs Music

Destination, please?
Are we headed
In the right direction
We need to be?

And if find yourself wondering,
Is this all I deserve?
Well, too much on your plate?
What good have you done in return

You're always holding out
For the next best thing
What for? What's it worth?

And if love
Should ever call your name
You better be thankful
That you even heard
Then get ready
Because you can achieve anything
Just believe and say the word

And everyday
Every choice that's made
Is a lesson, a lesson learned

Long Road

Written By: Mariam Joan

Long Road
Copyright Mahrs Music

Gonna get by, barely living
Gotta hold on, feel I'm fading
Working so much just to get by
Seeing no end that it makes me just cry

It may be a long road ahead
But, that can't stop you
To be the person you can be

Feeling so faint, I'm standing somewhere
Thinking so much, how did I get here?
Taking two steps on the good side
Hoping dear God I want this to be right


Demo Titled: Songs EP
Written/ Produced By: Mariam Joan
Where to Buy: iTunes, Amazon and Napster

Set List

Set List: Up to 4 songs