Maia Davies

Maia Davies


Where indie pop sheds prentention, songwriting is rooted in necessary traditions, and arrangements are simultaneously hooky and experimental, Davies' sound emerges, with a sultry voice to carry and deliver it with conviction.


Maïa Davies has been singing and creating her own music for some years, a rare blend of alternative pop, folk, and a taste for the unusual. Her passion for music, along with her distinctive voice were evident early on, resulting in Davies studying classical opera and jazz piano in college ,but she was ultimately turned off by the absence of creative freedom. It was at around this same time that Maïa became reacquainted with the piano. Maïa also discovered Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell. Nirvana, and Paul Simon. She soon discovered that she had a knack for songwriting as well.While Maïa is a writer of songs, she is no singer-songwriter; the cliché solo-acoustic guitar, reedy voice of a thousand Joni Mitchell wannabes. She is not ashamed to be called a pop songwriter, and remains open to new influences, be it Ryan Adams, the Dandy Warhols, Lucinda Williams or Aimee Mann. Today,Davies' sound has bloomed into a bright, soulful take on modern folk and alternative pop music.

In addition to music, Maïa’s interests include poetry, vinyl records, vintage guitars, flowers, her friends, reading, her 60-gig iPod, Woody Allen films, painting, and boys, but not boyfriends.

Davies has played many shows in Canada and the US and is currently touring. She has also recorded a new album with grammy award winning producer Tony Black(Alicia Keys) advance ep's available now


New Mornings(2002), Maia Davies EP (2006), airplay on CBC radio, various online radio (Harris Radio NYC), college radio in tri-state area and canada.