Maida Vale

Maida Vale

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Maida Vale is an independent, five-piece folk/Americana band from the southeast, merging gospel fervency and cinematic imagery. In one year, the band has already released two iTunes-featured CDs and shared stages with a variety of national acts. The band has been compared to Wilco and Calexico.


Maida Vale’s story begins the way good stories should: over a breakfast of eggs, bacon and grits…

Future bandmates Eric Case and Justin Barfield sat in the late summer morning, dreaming about a band that would be organized around nothing but great music. No hype, no crap, just great songs that people would love to hear.

Six months later, old friends Nathan Lee, Josh Fruit and Stratton Glaze joined Justin and Eric in, of all places, a church sanctuary, and the first notes and beats drifted out onto the air. By mid-May, the band was tentatively exploring the boundaries of sound, and when Nathan joined as Eric played the first few peaceful bars of “Heart”, the band knew they had seized onto something: the shock of silence, or what they also refer to as “the full dynamic range” of music.

By October 2007 the band had released a three-song EP and made its much-hyped live debut. Unexpectedly, iTunes featured the EP on the front page of its “Folk” store, and the attention boosted the release into the best-selling charts, eventually peaking at #51.

Maida Vale built on this success by returning to the studio in March 2008 to begin recording what would be come American Sun. The sessions went quickly, and this second CD was released in May. Again iTunes decided to feature the band’s work, this time featuring the CD in a banner display. American Sun went on to become a best-selling iTunes folk record, eventually peaking at #44.

The band has already played choice nights at some of the best venues in the Midwest and south, and has shared the stage with national acts such as Matt Costa the Delta Spirit.

The band continues to push at the margins of its songwriting and playing, crafting an increasingly compelling story. To join us, e-mail or call us at 850.728.1997.



Written By: Maida Vale

You got my heart, honey
Hidden in your book of dreams
You keep it to watch it fall apart at the seams
And you don’t really miss me, ah no
I can tell when you kiss me,
Something in my mind keeps tellin me…

You got my soul, sister
underneath the cornerstone
You want it, in case you need one of your own
I’m codependent,
a ghetto defendant, Something in your eyes keeps telling me

No, no this ain’t love
But it's all I've got right now

3a.m. my telephone keeps ringing
You’re Stranded in the afterglow
I take your call and I come running

You got my mind, mama
Wound up like a loaded gun
But I’m laying down like Abraham’s son
Because I’m addicted, ah yeah
And so conflicted, something in your knife keeps telling me

No, no this ain’t love
But it's all I've got right now


American Sun (2008)
EP (2007)

Set List

0:45-2:00 (Mostly Original Music)

Potential Covers:
Ryan Adams, Emmylou Harris, Oasis, Jeff Buckley