Maid Of Mettle

Maid Of Mettle

 Joliet, Illinois, USA

"Maid Of Mettle" is a majestic, powerful, theatrical, rebellious, dramatic all original project/show.We are finishing up our debut album currently, shooting a music video and writing new material daily. Look for a theatrical and unforgettable show saturated with high caliber original songs.


The Maid of Mettle is Deanna Whalen.
Deanna began her vocal career at 5 years of age by singing with her grandparents in church. Throughout her childhood she was coached, encouraged and supported by her father, legendary Bluegrass musician Tom Boyd. Then for eight years, Deanna studied the "Bel Canto" method (Italian opera-style singing) with acclaimed opera diva Bronya Dvorak.
Deanna has honed her performance skills under the tutelage of one of the nation's best stage and image coaches, Jane Lybrand of the "Image Factory". Additionally, Deanna is a graduate of the Barbizon school and has done a stint as a model.
But Deanna’s real passion has always been her music. She is an incredibly versatile singer and dynamic performer and has sung professionally in a wide array of genres including Irish Folk-Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Rock and of course, Metal!
As the Maid of Mettle, Deanna brings her poetry and songwriting skills together with her powerful and sensitive voice to create an experience which is original and exploding with energy. The Maid’s motto – never follow. She is totally in love with the majesty, power, theatre and rebellious attitude of metal music and continues the time-honored traditions of this genre via her powerful stage show. Don't miss the drama! Come with your horns all the way up!!!!


"Full Metal Goddess"

Set List

Up to two sets at 45 minutes each. All original songs. Currently doing 2 covers.