Maid Of Mettle

Maid Of Mettle


Maid of Mettle is a female-fronted, original plus a few covers, symphonic influenced metal band. A highly collaborative unit with original material written from the deep center of personal life experiences of ups and downs and everything in between.


Our music is epic, majestic and very theatrical. We are bent on taking our audience out of their daily lives and on a little vacation of the mind, body and spirit as we appeal to as many senses as we possibly can. Of course we work ridiculously hard at writing recording and producing the highest quality of songs possible, we also pay particular attention to the visual part of our show by looking our best in every way. With incense burning on our stage, the only thing left are taste and touch so we serve candy at our merchandise booth and hug all our fans back! Influences would include Evanescence, Halestorm, H.I.M., Devin Townsend, Alter bridge, In This Moment. What sets us apart from other bands is our sincere attempt and acute awareness to make our audience feel loved, respected and cherished.


Maid Of Mettle- "Amulet"