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Maigin Blank



Maigin Blank's first musical effort was in 1987 when she recorded a Christmas album of 13 songs on a boombox in her bedroom.

Many years later, after continuing her musical development with music lessons and a desire to write her own songs, in 1998 she recorded 2 songs that were released as a 7", entitled "Same Old Stuff, One Cow And No Beans" through Flying Fox Records based in New Zealand (where she had lived for 5 years during her adolescence).

Soon after the release and high school graduation, Maigin attended Full Sail in Florida to further her education of the recording arts so that she could continue to record her own music. During this time Maigin recorded original songs at home on her 4-track.

In 2000, she moved to Chicago and spent some time working at CRC in order to further her in-studio experience and learn more of the recording craft. During this time she recorded more music on her ADAT, including a compilation of songs entitled "My My My". She also provided songs and original music for various film projects including "The Soda Jerk".

In 2002, she recorded "Illustrations" for the Album-In-a-Day project hosted by Crapart. She followed with two other albums "Mr Drummond's Got A New Son" and "Mother Superior".

After realizing the excitement of being able to record a whole album in a day and to release it on the internet for feedback, she preceeded to re-contextualize the entire Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" album with her own music. She followed up with her 4th Album-in-a-Day "Just a Name" in 2004.

In the year following, she composed a score for "Deadline", a short horror film directed by filmmaker Michelle Fatale. She recently teamed up again with Fatale and wrote the score for "The Cleaner".

In 2006, Maigin teamed up with engineer/producer Brian Herman at SMT Studios in NYC to record her first studio album "Gutted".

She is currently in the process of recording a new album with Herman at SMT. Maigin is also working on a musical collaboration, Shift Clique, with Jonny Wilson of Eclectic Method.

Set List

Typical set is 30-50 minutes long. 10-12 songs. Love to end with a cover, depends on what month/holiday/inspiration is happening around then.