Maija Digiorgio

Maija Digiorgio

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Maija Di Giorgio is a speaker/director/comedian/talk radio host who has worked in production and post production for tv, commercial and independent film...her hilarious stand up comedy and lectures who have received standing ovations on the Apollo and Def Comedy Jam.


Maija Di Giorgio is a director/comedian/talk radio host who has worked in production and post production for tv, commercial and independent film...but first and for most, she's stand up comedian who has received standing ovations on the Apollo and Def Comedy Jam. She had her own morning show on the #1 radio station in the country, Hot 97, and has been featured on Sex in the City, Comics Unleashed, BETs Comic View and numerous other TV appearances. Maija recently starred, directed, and edited the film Hollywood Outlaw which received rave reviews from Variety and the New York Times. Maija just recently returned from The Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Tour and is now touring with her new shows America Dehoochified, and The Ultimate Diversity Guide and RATS: Love & Obsession for Neurotics.


America Dehoochified

Written By: Maija Digiorgio

In a time where the Pussy Cat Dolls and Tila Tequila
reign, the feminist revolution wanes as Gloria Steinem weeps. Somewhere along the road to women’s equality, being sexually promiscuous has been misconstrued as a sign of empowerment. In an ever changing state of self discovery, many women are challenged by their conflicting desires to be respected and accepted. It is crucial that college women be given positive reinforcement to help them realize their own innate power and how relinquishing that power can hinder getting what they truly want. When women understand that the power lies in their hands, they will understand how to create their destiny.

Maija (Ma-ya) DiGiorgio and Heather McConnell (of “the Not-So-Morning Show” & “Hoochified Radio” on HollywoodOutlaw present a comical women’s discussion about the Post-Feminist Hoochification of America: a hilarious history of the evolution of women, our dealings with the other gender, and the current de-evolution of women. This is an open forum for how to de-hoochify ourselves and regain control in dating, business, and our everyday dealings with “them”.

Maija, performing as Famika, the ultimate hoochie who has been through the dehoochification process, and Heather as her therapist, cover the impracticalities of the dream of finding the perfect love, obtaining our career goals, and loving men more than we love ourselves. Famika’s hilarious stories and views on life and love combined with the practical knowledge and hard facts of the therapist, the lecture becomes an all around entertainment and learning experience.

This is an interactive comedy show where women are free to be open and honest as Famika and her therapist speak to them about how to get along with the other sex, unity within our own sex and taking responsibility of our sexual freedom. When the floor opens for discussion, it is time for everyone to help each other clean up our personal messes. Women will get to sharpen the tools they need to play the game without getting played by the player and may begin to understand how to denounce the games altogether by becoming true and nurturing to themselves.

Even though the hoochie epidemic has taken control of this country, one great pajama party can restore the balance to being empowered and strong, yet feminine and sexy women.

This show slated to run for 45-55 minutes...however we’ve had shows where our Q&As had lasted for 2 1/2 hours.

The Ultimate Diversity Guide

Written By: Maija Digiorgio

Our country is changing now with Barack in office and Sotomeyer appointed to the Supreme Court. We are hearing people yell they "want their country back" as the three surviving American Indians shout back "it was never your country in the first place". A simple town hall meeting snowballs into a scene straight out of Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles". Our news media is scrambling with the question "does racism really exist?"

What is this country to do? The New York Times suggests that maybe if we openly discuss racism, we as a country might truly be able to move past it. Others say racism is old history and now irrelevant. However, these same folks suggest reading one of the oldest history books in the world as a way to get over the pain of unimportant history like racism...and while reading the Bible may be a valid way to ease the pains of the past, we cannot ignore the questions of how to cordially handle the present.

Maybe one of the answers lies in educational comedy as a way to handle the sensitive questions of racial differences from the perspective of a comedian raised checking the “other” box.

Maija shares her own story of growing up biracial: raised by her fascist, post WWII immigrant Sicilian grandparents who struggled to conceal her own mother’s racial identity, and they did until her African American relatives crashed a family funeral. At that point, Maija finally understood why she never really fit in at her Greenwich, Connecticut boarding school. Eventually, Maija went out into the world led by a wanna-be black girl, Famika, only to find herself amongst her hip-hop crazed peers that measured her “true blackness” by her lack of “street cred”, even though the African Americans in her family all had Phd’s. Paradoxically, after losing job after mainstream job for being true to herself by not fully identifying as white, she defied them all by ending up as co-host on the flagship of hip-hop radio, “HOT 97”, and on Def Comedy Jam. Her job description? To stay true to “hip- hop” by perpetuating the negative images of Black America that were, literally and ironically, being paid for by a check from corporate mainstream America. At some point I realized that I had to choose whether or not to be a part of something that I was totally against.

Set List

3 - 90 Minute Lectures
45-50 Minute Headline Comedy Set