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Maiken H Hansen


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Under Water

Written By: Maiken Haberg Hansen

Escaped through the surface
She drops towards the bottom
Currants carry carefully
A girl into her dream world

A black horse humming melody
Welcoming her company
To the world where answers hang on a tree

Swimming swans guide her journey
To the mountain of cherry blossom
And she knows that the birds will carry her home
Once time has come

A whale whistling softly
Seals singing harmony
Lilies swaying to the beat
And hand trees clapping for a repeat

She has come to find the key unlocking songs
She has come to see if this is where she belongs
They say ’Come little girl, please sing along’

She starts to climb the blue mountain
Her goal a glistening top
Where she meets the tree that whispers of home
Here’s what it hummed

Swimming swans guide her journey
Returning her on a song
And she still knows the birds will carry her home
Yeah, she knows the birds will carry her home
And she knows the birds will carry all home
Where we belong

A blue mountain in sight
The top glistening white

When Picasso Drew You

Written By: Sarah Ambrose

A love poured out from man to woman sung
Under blossom and the moonlight A life begun.

The cells divide and hide behind her wall
In secret you are glued together safe and tall

Through life you walk like every other
Your mot-her kept you under cover
Where to go from here this place so warm?
Thought I was together when I was born

Your eyes
Your lips
And your hands
Your hair
Your face
Your hips
Fell apart when Picasso drew you

This safety we found
Left us in the dark
One man’s dressing room is one man’s trailer park

Will you take my hand from this place so long?
Show me a path un-ravelled and end this song