Basically i am a solo artist for now .. because i do not have a band , i recorded all instruments on my own .what is it about ?? just whatever i feel like at the time i guess.. thoughts , feelings , emotions .. experience..


okay ... so i don t usually like to write about myself .. coz it s like ... weird you know... but i guess i ll write a little sthg , that i hope will answer everybody s questions ... so let s see.. i am originally from Paris , France . i was born on january 31st 1985 ... ( that just so i don t have to change my age every year! and for the horoscope freaks! i am an aquarius ! the best fucking sign ever!okay .. so that s done .. ) i am half french half vietnamese . this is why i have a vietnamese name ( meaning litterally "Little flower of Orchid" but it can also be translated as sthg else that i don t remember . so if you know the other one . it is okay . it works too! i m not lying! k ,... now ..i lived in Kentucky for a year , as an exchange student (hiiiiihaaaaaaa!!!) this is where i got my southern accent from ( hehehe just kidding i don t have it ! i don t even understand it ! this is why people called me mute there ... ( okay sorry this was a joke too .. i was talking just fine ... ) anyway .. there , i started learning the guitar... then i came back to me country . and found my first band mates. we were called many names before becoming THE BACKDOOR STRANGERS . ( don t even ask .... ) i was the only girl ; and i was playing the drums . ( there s a myspace for it . just click on the logo... but still on the side i was writing my own songs. The band lasted 5 years. after that , everyone did their own things (singer was Canadian , 1st bassist decided to become a doctor PFFFF!!!!like we need doctors!! (i m dad is a doctor...and my mom a nurse! soo ... yeah .. go figure where i come from ! ) then one of the guitarist left to go back to his studies , the other one stayed .we played with Charles Von Rosenberg , from the New american ramblers, for a while , but then i decided that i would try on my own , with my songs. so i moved here to Los Angeles , hiiiiihhhaaaa!! i moved here on february 15th 2006.since then i ve been playing around LA , here and there , at the Viper Room , at the Derby ( my favorite place to play so far) , Room 5 , Tangier, The Mint , The accoustic playhouse , Mr T s Bowl (with the FLip ) etc... few Months later , i met Mike . Guitarist and Lead singer of the Flip . Mike needed a bassist . so now i m the bassist of the Flip also ( myspace page) . and Finally , i just recently joined Amber Rose on the drums . (myspace ) so .. basically , i m just a musician trying to make it here and there . i write and play . i ve met the best people here in LA . i m having the best time of my life , and i m just happy playing music every fucking day ! this is why i am here for . and this is what i m doing . and i m loving every single second of it !

( from my myspace page )

Set List

my set varies according to the mood of the audience ..
i usually play 30 minutes sets or until the sound engineer stops me .... but i have enough to play an hour -1 hour 30 minutes......really.. you have to stop me .. !

no covers.