New York City, New York, USA

MailboxBaseball is a fun and energetic rock/ska punk band based out of Queens, New York. Their signature sound is the result of a wide range of musical influences which have been absorbed into their songs.


MailboxBaseball started as a weekly cooking club in the year 2007. Many a burnt lemon meringue pies were sacrificed trying to come up with the perfect recipe. Still, the group felt they were on to something and forged forward, traveling distant lands and tweaking the ingredients as necessary. This group of now seasoned professionals can be frequently spotted at local county fairs and are known to never turn down the opportunity for a cook off. Somewhere along the lines, they also decided to start playing music.


EP - Diminishing Marginal Returns (2008)
LP - Forward in Motion (2010)

Singles - We Have Lift Off, All The Dumb Jokes, Dead End Streets, Stockyard Station, Sticks

Set List

Our set is typically 30 minutes to an hour.

Below is an example:

Stockyard Station
Angst and Rebellion
All The Dumb Jokes
We Have Lift Off
Sitting Still
Forward In Motion
Dead End Streets
Making Lunch
Ready Set Go