sincere "art-punk" from the drug addled and religion obsessed midwest. sounds like NIRVANA and JERRY LEE LEWIS meets TV ON THE RADIO. loud, noisy, distortion-soaked bursts of emotion laid over g-funk bass thumps of digital psychedelia. just heavy enough to remind you that you're alive.


when you grow up in oklahoma it's easy to feel like it's a vacuous wasteland devoid of any real culture or creativity. in the last decade poverty and drug problems have turned the buckle of the bible belt into america's ashtray. we bring with us the stories of the people who survive, and love, and carry on, in spite of it all.

our art gives us the opportunity to articulate what it's like here in oklahoma. we take the storytelling sensibilities of old country and western songs, and combine them with the loud-soft dynamics of early 90's alternative to set the scene and descibe our "little piece of hell" in a gritty and real way. that's where the hip-hop influences come in. we hate the poor, underfunded place we're from, but love the people and the culture and their ability to survive. it's our job to tell the world about the place we live. we've been doing it since we were old enough to ditch class together and it only stands to get louder and deeper.

what sets us apart? shit! have you listened to it? if diversity is something you look for in a band, we got that in spades. we're more like an iPod on shuffle than a band. if there's one thing we do best, it's finding unique ways to express ourselves. just listen to it, you'll see.


in Oklahoma. . .

Written By: words and music by MAiNdRAYN

Spent so much time,
Closing my eyes.
Trying ever so hard,
To silence my mind.
But in my trying to conform and in my trying to fit in,
I only found a million reasons not to be like them.
You*ll never convince me that we are the same. . .
Stay away, stay the fuck away from me. . .

In Oklahoma,
Where I was born and raised, (they*re all fucking crazy),
The Christians do their best to make sure ev*rybody thinks the same.
And in my trying to resist this evil life of sin,
I only found a million reasons not to be like them.
You*ll never get your fithly fucking fingers on my brain.
Stay away. Stay the fuck away from me.

You and I, are from the same world.
You and I are parts of the same machine.
You and I, together we form the same love,
Above them all forever, whatever that means.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Stay away, stay the fuck away from me.

You*ll never get your filthy fucking fingers on my brain.

(an illustrated and detailed course in) PERVERSION

Written By: words and music by MAINdRAYN

i fell in love with a dangerous girl
and she turned me on to a different side of the world
when i held in my arms, she could do no wrong,
but things like that can't last too long,
so i wrote her a song,
and screamed it 'til my lungs gave out,
until i got too sick to shake around and shout,
i put holes in myself, when i was up on her shelf,
i couldn't see myself turning into somebody else,
well, little old me had some tricks up his sleave,
and as death crept through my veins i screamed,
"you can't stop me now,
i got my head in the clouds,
and i ain't coming down until it rains!"
so, stick around we should hang,
and we can poke holes in my brain,
and i can show you some things that words can't explain,
like a secret that you whisper under you breath,
like the feelings that you get when you're starving to death,
needles ain't the way to go getting high,
just a million little things that you don't wanna feel like.

it ain't easy,
waking up shaking and freezing,
crying out
"god, please don't leave me",
beaten up and broken and bleeding,
and this pain,
man, this god forsaken feeling,
peel me off this fucking ceiling,
yeah we fuck,
but she can't feel me,
and i scream but she can't hear me,
needles ain't the way to go getting high,
just a million little things that you don't wanna feel like.


our first self release lp "MICROCOSMS", came out in 2005. it included our singles "neckbreaker", "waste" and "VIRu.s.a." our follow up " Oklahoma." is scheduled to be out in time for spring '08. we have about twenty songs available online through our myspace page.

Set List

we switch up alot, but lately it's been like this.

"they hung him on a cross/sam hall"-which is a mash-up of an old leadbelly hymn and a johnny cash rocker.

"an illustrated and detailed course in perversion"

"in oklahoma..."

"maindrayn escapes from the planet of the apes"

"the latest craze"

"pretty and evil"

"under the milkyway"-which is a cover of THE CHURCH's 80's new wave classic

"maria's ghost"

"the day the world ate itself"

we generally play between 40 mins to an hour.
we usually play a cover at every show.
stuff from snoop dogg, waylon jennings and hip-hop poet saul williams.
we try to make every show different and fun to be at.