Maine Attraction

Maine Attraction

 Oakland, California, USA
BandHip HopGospel


Maine Attraction arrives on the scene as Hip Hops “Turf Minister”. His rhymes light the pavement where pimps, playas and hustlers roam leaving a trail of bobbin heads, smiling faces, and renewed minds. Unafraid to surpass the boundaries of a Gospel Artist, Maine’s music content is grimy and Hood but yet conscience and spiritual. Maine has been fortunate enough to sell over 10,000 CD’s and accumulate fans from all walks of life. For the last few years Maine Attraction has been headlining shows from the church to the club in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding regions.
Maine new release “We out Here” is socially relevant and it makes you wanna dance. Along with being a solo artist Maine is a member of “Turf Ministries”, a rap trio that known for throwing block parties in the hardest hoods in the Bay Area.
Maine Attraction’s love and passion extends well beyond the music industry. As a community leader, Maine has been instrumental in affecting city ordinances, school policy, and transportation issues affecting youth in Oakland.
When asked to describe his rhyme style Maine uses this analogy, “Picture a young fly Martin Luther King Jr. with some Jordan’s on his feet and a microphone in his hand, spitting over some Hip hop beats. That’s’ me the MAINE ATTRACTION!”


My Single "Ah Ah Ah" (Club)
My 2nd Single Is it true (Church)
My 3rd Bona Fide (Streets)

Set List

I have a mobile stage that i travel around the bay with and i drop in High populated areas and rock for hours. My city love me.