Anderson, South Carolina, USA
BandHip Hop

The Next Level


Once the founder and leader of the Soul Suvivaz, Mainframe is the next level in the evolution of Christian Rap and Holy Hip Hop. Hailing from upstate South Carolina, Joshua ‘Mainframe’ Cullins is a true artist and brings 8 years and 4 albums worth of experience and ministry to the table, with a background in everything from production to graphic design. Combining the harsh realities of the world and his surroundings, with the influx of truth from the Word of God, Mainframe brings a universal style and skill level that ministers to both the saved and unsaved. With his debut solo album, City of Light, his intent is to ignite his vision, which doubles as his calling: to help inspire a people united for the kingdom of God! With his “Real Talk” philosophy, razor sharp delivery and southeast swagger, the sky’s the limit for the kid from the Electric City.


(Soul Suvivaz) The Doctrine "02", Eternal Glory,"04" Suviva Tacktickz Mixtape "07" City of Light "2010"

Set List

usually i do anywhere to 5 to 7 song sets